Hannity Thinks There’s Nothing Wrong With Saying ‘Fake News’ To Attack The Media: It’s ‘Telling The Truth’

Hannity Thinks There’s Nothing Wrong With Saying ‘Fake News’ To Attack The Media: It’s ‘Telling The Truth’

Fox News host and vocal Trump supporter Sean Hannity spent much of Thursday afternoon and evening defending comments he made in the immediate aftermath of the Capital Gazette shooting in which he appeared to be tying Rep. Maxine Waters’ call to confront Trump supporters to the tragedy. Besides insisting that he wasn’t blaming Waters for the newsroom shooting, Hannity also spent quite a bit of time defending his and the president’s near-constant anti-media rhetoric.

After taking to Twitter to purportedly “set the record straight” on his Waters remarks, Hannity spoke about the shooting on his Fox News program with frequent guests Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera. And he wanted everyone to know that his comments on Waters were a “separate issue.”

“This is separate and apart, as I said ten times on my radio show today,” Hannity declared. “The language is getting out of control. But there was a race today to say just because the president says ‘fake news’ and he believes, as I do, that the media lies, they almost were trying to say, ‘Wow, I wonder if he was a Trump supporter.'”

The Fox host went on to say if someone listened to “these crazy people on the left and did something horrible, you blame the shooter.” Of course, after the Congressional baseball shooting last year, Hannity blamed that shooting on “Trump detractors” and “dehumanizing” Democrats while airing a graphic that blared “LEFT-WING HATE.”

He added that while “words do matter,” it was perfectly fine for the president to say “fake news” because “they do lie.”

Later on in the segment, Hannit5y took aim at one of his regular foes, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter, after Stelter said on Thursday that this was a “moment many journalists have feared.” Calling Stelter an “idiot,” Hannity whined that Stelter and others were implying that “if you say ‘fake news’ and call these people out for being liars and an extension of the Democratic Party, left-wingers, oh that somehow is motivation.”

“No, that is telling the truth actually,” a defiant Hannity exclaimed.

Much of Hannity’s programming since Trump’s election has been devoted to discrediting and undermining non-conservative media sources, as he regularly devotes entire monologues and segments to railing against what he calls the “Destroy Trump Media,” “Fake News CNN” and “Conspiracy TV MSNBC.”

Watch the clips above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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