Watch CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Rip Up Paper To Mimic Trump’s Treatment Of White House Documents

Watch CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Rip Up Paper To Mimic Trump’s Treatment Of White House Documents

Over the weekend, Politico’s Annie Karni broke one of the weirdest political stories in recent memory when she reported on former government officials who had been tasked with preserving documents that President Donald Trump had torn and shredded. Per Karni’s report, Trump has an “odd and enduring habit of ripping up papers when he’s done with them,” and instead of breaking the president of the practice, career officials were given the job of using Scotch tape to put the papers back together in order to comply with the Presidential Records Act.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin decided to give a visual demonstration of Trump’s actions while introducing a Monday afternoon segment on Karni’s story. Without saying a word, she just looked into the camera and ripped up a handful of papers.

“Little teeny tiny pieces,” she said when done, complete with a look of disbelief over the president’s reported actions. “Apparently this is what the president has a habit of doing to documents inside the White House, documents that need to be preserved, we’re now being told need to be taped back together by staffers, everything from memos and notes and letters and negative news articles he doesn’t like.”

Baldwin continued, “He rips them up. The problem is, those are all official records in a need to be kept intact.”

The CNN anchor then welcomed on Karni to discuss her report, all while jokingly stating she isn’t a “great ripper.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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