Trump Justifies Attacking Media While In Foreign Country: ‘The US Press Is Very Dishonest’

Trump Justifies Attacking Media While In Foreign Country: ‘The US Press Is Very Dishonest’

One thing that used to be a norm is that the President of the United States would refrain from attacking American institutions — like the free press — or past administrations while visiting other countries. Of course, those norms no longer exist, as we are all well aware of now in the Age of Trump.

At the end of an impromptu press conference following his early departure from the G7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump was asked by a reporter why he the president was attacking the US media while standing on foreign soil. This question came on the heels of Trump calling CNN “Fake News” while personally trashing a CNN reporter.

“The US press is very dishonest — much of it,” the president immediately responded, adding that he feels there are some outstanding American reporters who are “proud citizens.” (Hannity and Fox & Friends obviously are humbled by the shoutout.)

“But there are many people in the press that are dishonest,” he exclaimed. “They don’t cover the stories the way they’re supposed to be. they don’t even report them, in many cases, if they’re positive.”

Trump continued, “You know, I came up with the term fake news. It’s a lot of fake news. At the same time, I have great respect for many of the people in the press.”


Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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