Kellyanne Conway Seemingly Threatens To Go After CNN Employees’ Spouses When Asked About Husband’s Tweets

Kellyanne Conway Seemingly Threatens To Go After CNN Employees’ Spouses When Asked About Husband’s Tweets

At the end of a typically combative CNN interview in which she complained about the network’s coverage while avoiding to provide a straight answer to any question, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took issue with State of the Union guest host Dana Bash asking about her husband’s critical tweets about the president.

And it seemed that Conway threatened to go after the spouses and significant others of CNN employees in retaliation.

As anyone who has paid attention to George Conway’s Twitter feed in recent months, Kellyanne’s spouse appears to not be a fan of Donald Trump. In general, he retweets posts that are highly critical of the president and occasionally provides his own commentary that paints a picture of political discord within the Conway household, especially considering his wife is one of Trump’s senior aides. Therefore, Bash wanted to get Kellyanne’s opinion on the tweets.

“Number one the woman was wrong who said white women have to listen to men in their life to form their political opinions,” the White House counselor responded to Bash, presumably regarding one of the tweets her husband reacted to. “It’s fascinating that CNN would go there but very good for the whole world to have just witnessed that it is now fair game what people’s — how people’s spouses and significant others may differ with them. I’m really surprised and gratified to see that.”

The CNN host remarked that she would ask that of a man, causing Conway to snap back that Bash would not. Eventually, the veteran pollster again brought up how CNN spouses were now fair game.

“You just brought him into this,” she exclaimed. “This ought to be fun moving forward, Dana. Going to talk about other people’s spouses and significant others because they either work at the white house or CNN? Are we going to do that?”

She continued, “By definition, spouses have a difference of opinion…spouses of a difference of opinion when one is draining the joint bank account to support things maybe the other disagrees with. This is a fascinating moment and I will leave it at that.”

Conway went on to claim Bash was talking about her marriage with her husband, causing the CNN host to counter that she was doing no such thing but was instead bringing up her husband’s very public — and much-discussed — tweets.

“Kellyanne, here is my point is that you are a professional working for the President of the United States and your husband is a very well respected lawyer. my point is that we don’t often see somebody working for the president in a high profile position when their spouse is saying critical things about them,” Bash stated. “That is all.”

Again, Conway accused Bash of going after her family, issued the same veiled threat, and then claimed that this was all a sexist attack that was tough on her children.

“CNN chose to go there,” Conway declared. “I think that will be fascinating moving forward. Don’t deny that. I want you to clarify for the whole worldwide audience and for me. It’s quote difficult for whom to have two adults what? difficult for my children who are probably watching? they have already seen a double standard for their mother for two years.”

Bash pointed out that she didn’t believe that this was about gender only for Conway to play victim and say she has been held to a different standard than other people because she works “for the people of this country.”

Anyway, watch the exchange above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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