Ben Carson’s Morning Gets Started With Him Getting Stuck In An Elevator

Ben Carson’s Morning Gets Started With Him Getting Stuck In An Elevator

On Wednesday morning, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and his wife found themselves stuck in an elevator for at least 20 minutes at a public housing complex in Miami.

Per reporters at the scene, local police and firefighters worked to free the retired neurosurgeon, who is in the middle of a “listening tour” where he is visiting low-income housing and inner-city neighborhoods in the Miami area.

Prior to his elevator adventure, Carson played some foosball at the Courtside Family Apartments.

With Carson stuck on the lift a little bit later, NBA legend Alonzo Mourning and law enforcement officers waited around for the fire department to arrive. (Mourning was apparently late for the meeting and tour.)

But, no worries, as Carson was freed after a short while, and he was able to resume his tour with Mourning.

Carson took to Twitter to thank Miami’s police and firefighters for freeing him while also throwing some love Mourning’s way.

This allowed Carson to make his way to another complex to play some pool with the residents.

Who knows what the rest of Wednesday has in store for Ben Carson.

Justin Baragona

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