Despite Chaos, Majority Of Americans Agree With Trump’s Travel Ban

Despite Chaos, Majority Of Americans Agree With Trump’s Travel Ban

A majority of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s travel ban on citizens from seven middle eastern country. Despite widespread protests at airports and criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, a slim majority of those polled agree with the president.

In a poll taken over January 30 and 31, 49 percent of Americans polled said they approved of the new travel restrictions either fully or to some degree, while 41 percent disagreed with it. This new poll may be good news for the president, who has been widely criticized for the move.

Americans are also divided along partisan lines. Republicans approve of the travel ban by 51 percent, while Democrats disapprove by 53 percent. This is in line with the reaction on the Hill. Most Republicans have backed Trump’s decision, with only a few breaking ranks to question its effectiveness.

The ban, which is slated to last for six months, has proved controversial nationally and internationally. The Trump administration fired acting attorney general Sally Yates for questioning the legality of the executive order and telling her subordinates not to defend it.

Internationally, countries from the UK to Iraq have reacted poorly to the decision. Iraq and other affected countries are considering reciprocal bans, while members of the German government have condemned the order.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.