Maine Governor Paul LePage Claims The Dead Will Vote In This Year’s Election

Paul LePage says the Democratic Party will likely try to rig the election

Maine Governor Paul LePage is famous for his outrageous and often insulting statements. He has used racially charged language when describing drug dealers and made alarmist claims about the dangers to ‘white girls’ from Latinos and African-Americans. Now LePage is claiming the presidential election will be rigged.

LePage was asked about his confidence in free and fair elections in Maine. Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed the election will be stolen from the Republican Party. “The left, the Democratic party, insists on not having IDs. And will people from the cemetery be voting? Yes. All around the country. The media and the Democratic party want everybody to vote whether they’re citizens or not,” LePage said.

“You gotta have photo IDs when you cash checks, you gotta have photo IDs every place you go,” the governor said said. “In fact, I don’t know how many times you gotta take your license out of your wallet to show it to people. And so until we do that, I don’t think that elections in the state of Maine or in the United States are legitimate. I mean, we know that there are counties in this country that get more votes than there are citizens in their county, so what’s that tell you?”

The claim that the dead will vote is a bizarre plank of voter fraud claims. There are some historical problems of deceased voters staying on voter rolls but this is due to infrequent purging of dead voters. Instances of in-person voter fraud are minute and even Republican officials have rejected Trump’s claims that US elections are not legitimate.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.