Trump Is The Republican House Majority’s Biggest Threat

Trump Is The Republican House Majority’s Biggest Threat

Donald Trump is losing his election. And he’s blaming his Republican colleagues.

Yesterday, Trump suggested that if he were elected president, Paul Ryan would no longer be Speaker of the House. Ryan, who has spent the last year bending over backward to accommodate and excuse Trump’s awful behavior, has been casually backstabbed. Trump has also been throwing political bombs at other Republicans for not wanting to cheerlead for his terrible personality.

Trump has always had frosty relationships with Congressional Republicans, particularly in the Senate, where Republican senators are not as vulnerable as their House associates to the dictatorial, demagogic furor Trump 😉 is inciting within the GOP voter base.

Back in July, Trump infamously threatened Senator Jeff Flake’s reelection because the Arizona senator would not publicly endorse him, though the threat was empty—particularly because Flake is not up for reelection until 2018. In Trump-scandal years, though, that might as well have been several lifetimes ago. Fast forward to this week, and Trump is embroiled in mounting, perverted sexual assault accusations.

Republican disdain for the candidate their politically reckless voting base has nominated is currently at a record-high, as is Trump’s mountain of sociopathic controversies. Trump has stranded himself inside a deep electoral hole, and all Trump knows how to do is keep digging.

This impulsively self-destructive tendency is why Paul Ryan has heretofore been giving up on Trump at a sinfully slow pace, and why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pretends Trump doesn’t exist at all. It wasn’t surprising when Trump tweeted earlier this week:

“It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”


First off, no one forced Donald Trump to run for president in the Republican Party. If the GOP’s presidential nomination has been such a prison, maybe he shouldn’t have locked himself inside by accepting it at the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, he could quit at any moment, and Republicans across the country would thank him for it—after all, he is currently losing an easily winnable election against an easily beatable Democratic nominee in a landslide that threatens the enduring existence of the Republican Party.

Instead of quitting, though, Trump is team-killing the political party he hijacked in order to feed his egomaniac Id’s narcissistic fantasies of being president, and planning #whinylittlebitch vengeance on the Republican establishment he is trying to blame in order to protect his fragile, thin-skinned self-consciousness from the harsh reality that he is too self-absorbed, intellectually unqualified, and temperamentally insane to ever be elected president.

Unfortunately, Trump’s manic zealotry seems to be inversely related to his poll numbers, and who knows how low his numbers will go or how depraved his behavior will become. Meanwhile, Trump’s epic meltdown of a presidential candidacy has provoked stunningly unprecedented schadenfreude for Democrats. Trump2016 would suddenly make much more sense if he announced that he was an undercover Democratic agent TRYING to cripple the national Republican Party.

For the entirety of this election, the possibility that Democrats would retake the House of Representatives (an effort disgracefully handicapped by Republicans’ bullshit circa-2010 gerrymandering) has been a pipe dream, but Trump’s imploding poll numbers are making optimists of Democrats.

Trump’s recent scorched-earth civil war against the GOP establishment certainly isn’t hurting Democrats’ House races. The GOP frankenstein’s monster has turned against his hyper-partisan makers, and Trump may get his wish of Ryan being fired as Speaker of the House if his toxic campaign continues to search for the rock bottom of political repugnancy.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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