Paul Ryan Is Paradoxically A Cuckservative And A Trumpservative At The Same Time

Paul Ryan Is Paradoxically A Cuckservative And A Trumpservative At The Same Time

Samantha Bee called Paul Ryan a “pussy,” and it’s easy to sympathize with her outrage. Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House and current third-in-line for the presidency, is a national leader, and he is trashing his constructive role in American society because he doesn’t want to anger Trump voters, who make up an awfully large percentage of the GOP base. This is gutless politics.

All Republicans who are silent on Donald Trump are gutless. Our Republican national leaders are refusing to lead nationally by exerting non-reactions to the Trump phenomenon. These Republicans are cuckservatives—to appropriate the gross Alt-Right term—and they are watching as Trump rapes their democratic country.

Trump is the most awful, dictatorial, narcissistic candidate to even run for president. His entire campaign has been a textbook case study in how so-called Good Germans accepted Hitler even as he waged a genocidal assault against humanity.

Many Republicans suggest Trump isn’t that bad—or at least he is better than Hillary Clinton—but Trump has threatened to deport 11 million people, jail his journalistic critics AND his political opposition, finance an invasive police state that includes a paramilitary wing focused on racial differences, and team-kill uncooperative Republicans’ reelections. Every dictator has to start somewhere, and Trump is swinging for the fences.

But Paul Ryan still can’t publicly make up his mind about Trump, even as Ryan acknowledges that Trump’s comments are textbook examples of racism and sexual assault.

I’ve written before that Paul Ryan is stuck in a catch-22 with the Tea Party House Freedom Caucus—which, like Trump, is not above self-destructing the GOP’s political strategies for hyper-partisan intra-party gain—but it appears Ryan is also imprisoned inside an Alt-Right catch-22.

This is why Paul Ryan will not un-endorse Trump. Trump has hijacked the Republican Party with his brainlessly alpha-male candidacy, and Republicans do not want to insult the candidate their party’s base has nativistically adopted as a messiah figure.

Some Republicans—the Republicans in blue or swing states, and old, nearly-retired Republicans with old-school values and cultural memories of a Republican Party with moral principles—have renounced Trump’s blatantly offensive demagoguery, but Paul Ryan cannot do the same without cleaving his House majority into two factions divided on the issue of Trump’s terrible personality. Paul Ryan is forced to stay mum about Trump for what he thinks is the good of the party: cohesion.

As such, Paul Ryan has sacrificed existential integrity for political expediency. The reality is that Donald Trump is a conservative cancer of faux-populism, whose flames of hatred have been fanned by Trump’s self-righteous egomania and divide-and-conquer despotism, and the Republican Party ought to either forsake Trump and his Deplorables in order to take their party back, or wash their hands of Trump’s GOP public relations meltdown and start a brand new conservative political party.

Neither option will win the GOP an election, but is winning electoral office more important than the continuation of our civil electoral system? Or their ability to fall asleep at night?

Samantha Bee is accurate when she calls Paul Ryan a pussy because Ryan has placed party well ahead of country or even self. And it’s an empty sacrifice of our national sanity because Donald Trump has no loyalty to either the Republican Party or its leadership. Trump certainly has no loyalty to Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is trying to play chess in a Trumpian game of Risk. And it contradictorily makes him a cuckservative in Alt-Right parlance and a Trump-enabling Trumpservative at the same time.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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