Keith Olbermann Drags Tom Brokaw For Pushing GOP Conspiracies On Hillary’s Health

Keith Olbermann Drags Tom Brokaw For Pushing GOP Conspiracies On Hillary’s Health

Apparently, there was a huge appetite for Keith Olbermann’s return.

Following a very successful debut with his brand-new GQ bi-weekly web series The Closer, Olbermann decided to go daily for the time being. On Wednesday, the former MSNBC host went after both Rudy Giuliani and ex-NBC anchor Tom Brokaw for spreading lending credibility to unfounded rumors about Hillary Clinton’s health in the wake of her pneumonia diagnosis.

Aiming his arrows at Giuliani first, Keith noted that the former NYC mayor previously ran against Hillary for a Senate seat in 2000. During that time, Rudy dealt with both a health crisis (cancer) and an infidelity scandal that forced him to drop out of the race. Yet, Hillary didn’t attempt to smear Rudy once over those issues despite them happening in the heat of a political campaign.

“The New York Times, May 20, 2000: “Mrs. Clinton, who telephoned the mayor shortly after his announcement, said afterward, ‘I certainly hope and pray, as I know all New Yorkers do, that he will have a full and speedy recovery.’

Whaddya mean she didn’t say you were hiding something? Whaddya mean she didn’t start chanting “lock him up, lock him up”? More from 16 years ago: “Asked if she would miss the mayor as an opponent, Mrs. Clinton replied, ‘Well, I think we should just wish him well as a person.’”

Wait—where’s the reference to your marital scandal that was going on at the same time? You mean she didn’t accuse you of using your health as an excuse? She didn’t claim that you were really dropping out because 10 days earlier you had announced you wanted a separation from your wife and you left her to conduct a tearful news conference outside the gates of the mayor’s mansion?”


While he slammed Giuliani and other Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich for trying to make hay out of Clinton health conspiracies despite their own bouts with illnesses, he saved his real righteous indignation for ex-colleague Brokaw. Apparently, the one-time standard-bearer of NBC News went TMZ when discussing Clinton’s bout of pneumonia on Sunday.

Here’s what Keith had to say about Brokaw:


“And Tom Brokaw. Doctor Tom Brokaw! Who, threatened by the Republicans that their candidate wouldn’t show up to the debate he was moderating unless he got me and Chris Matthews thrown off MSNBC coverage of the 2008 debates, not only carried that barrel of GOP water but then boasted about it in the papers… Tom Brokaw saying, an hour after the pneumonia overcame Clinton inside the 9/11 ceremony, “Just this morning I had a rather detailed message from a Republican who was inside, and he was raising questions as well, saying, ‘I didn’t know if this is true, but here are the incidents that we are all watching.’.… I think that she should go to a hospital, and see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her.”

Hey, Tom. I worked with you for nine years. They asked me if I wanted you on cable coverage of the primaries, and I said, “Of course!” I think you should go to a mirror and see if you have any journalistic credibility left. It was pneumonia. Bad! Guess! Tom!”


Ooof. There is obviously some bad blood there. And, knowing Keith, he won’t let a grudge die. Ever.

Below is video of the segment:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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