Keith Olbermann: Trump Is The GOP’s “Demonic Messiah In Oompa Loompa’s Clothing”

Keith Olbermann: Trump Is The GOP’s “Demonic Messiah In Oompa Loompa’s Clothing”

A day after it was announced former MSNBC political commentator Keith Olbermann joined GQ Magazine as a Special Correspondent and would be hosting a bi-weekly digital series, the first broadcast of The Closer aired.

In the 17+ minute episode, the ex-ESPN anchor went all in on the GOP nominee Donald Trump. Having been sidelined for over a year, and even longer from politically based broadcasting, Olbermann had to be chomping at the bit to provide his opinion of the former reality TV star on a platform outside his Twitter account. Therefore, in his debut program, he decided to detail 176 reasons why Trump does not deserve to be POTUS.

Noting that the entire transcript would be available online at complete with links to sources of each of the reasons, Olbermann brought forth his trademarked brand of righteous indignation. Keith continuously hammered the Republican Party for nominating Trump, mentioning the GOP again and again and again so as to shame them for their decision.

Regarding Trump’s love for dictators and authoritarianism, Olbermann had the following to say:


“The Republican Party has actually nominated for president a man who has proposed that Russia or China should enact a Watergate-like hacking of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails; who has proposed banning Muslims from entering the country, then said it was only a suggestion, thenproposed it again; whose running mate has proposed banning members of other religions; who has proposed open racial profiling; who has proposed banning people from “terror nations,” saying, “Look it up, they have a list”; who has proposed “ideological certification” for immigrants; who has proposed worse than waterboarding while praising how Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un handled protest and terrorism; who has proposed that American civilians be tried by military commissions at Gitmo; who has proposed killing the families of terrorists or suspected terrorists.”


He also slammed the real estate mogul over the kind of people he’s surrounded himself with in his campaign:


“The Republican Party has actually nominated for president a man who has allied himself with his campaign adviser and delegate, who said Hillary Clinton should be shot by firing squad for treason; who has allied himself with another campaign adviser who mused aboutwaterboarding Hillary Clinton; who has allied himself with an African-American pastor who disseminated an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface; who has allied himself with his own son, who follows a series of white-supremacist Twitter accounts

A man who has allied himself with at least seven campaign staffers who have disseminated racist and/or violent messages on social media; who has allied himself with a state campaign co-chairman who tweeted, “Lynch Loretta Lynch”; who has allied himself with an Illinois Trump delegate who is a white supremacist; a California Trump delegate who is a white-nationalist leader; a former personal butler who wrote on Facebook that President Obama should be “hung for treason.”

A man who has allied himself with three different campaign chiefs: the first who manhandled a woman reporter, then lied about it; the second who was listed to receive $12 million from a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine; the third who has been accused under oath of anti-Semitic comments and domestic violence.

A man who has allied himself with a foreign-policy adviser accused under oath of anti-Semitic comments; with a New York State co-chair who suggested Khizr Khan supports ISIS and is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; with a close adviser who says a Clinton aide could be a “Saudi spy” or “terrorist agent.”

A man who has allied himself with a former campaign state chairman accused of drawing a gun on another campaign staffer; with a conspiracy-theorist radio host who claims theNewtown school shootings were a hoax; with a political operative so corrupt he was once fired—by Republicans—for falsifying evidence…against Hillary Clinton.”


This was classic Olbermann. If this is what this series will be dedicated to — calling out duplicity and mendacity — then I say, “More please!”

Below is video of the entire episode, courtesy of GQ:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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