Connecticut College Republicans: ‘Mentally Unstable’ Trump Can’t Be Trusted With Nuclear Codes

Connecticut College Republicans: ‘Mentally Unstable’ Trump Can’t Be Trusted With Nuclear Codes

Republicans at the University of Connecticut will not endorse Donald Trump for president. They are the second major group of college Republicans to dump Trump and publicly question his fitness for the job. The decision is yet more evidence that Trump is struggling with well-educated Republican voters.

“Entrusting the nuclear codes, supervision of the U.S. economy, and responsibility for conducting foreign policy to a person so mentally unstable as Donald Trump would be dangerous,” the UConn Republicans wrote on Facebook. They are not the first group to question Trump’s mental health and worry about giving him access to nuclear weapons.

“Someone who employs divisive, outright bigoted rhetoric, and who pits Americans against each other in an effort to scare voters into embracing his candidacy is not worthy of our support,” UConn’s Republicans said. “Based on his rhetoric and his stances on public policy, he would guide the United States in a direction astray from constitutional, limited government and toward a direction defined by ugly nationalism and authoritarianism.”

Polls last month showed Hillary Clinton leading with college educated whites. This is the first time a Democrat has led with this group of voters. UConn’s rejection of Trump follows Harvard Republicans’ decision not to endorse the party’s candidate.

Trump is having difficulty winning traditionally Republican constituencies. There is now no guarantee Trump will win white votes that went to Mitt Romney in 2012. College educated whites favored Romney over Obama by a significant margin. It is highly unusual for college Republican organisations to come out against a national candidate.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.