Down-Ballot Burning: Will Mitch McConnell Be Scorched By Trump’s Disaster?

Down-Ballot Burning:  Will Mitch McConnell Be Scorched By Trump’s Disaster?

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s days may be numbered as the unpopular Senate Majority Leader from the Kentucky coal-state, so he is understandably concerned about his own political future in the top Senate position he has held for two years.  McConnell faced an attempt by his own Party to oust him in 2015, after John Boehner was forced to resign, but he managed to win re-election nonetheless.

If Democrats win Senate majority in November, McConnell loses his job, and it’s looking like the numbers aren’t in his favor.

Last week in Louisville, McConnell warned a civic group that twenty-four Republican candidates are up for grabs this year compared to ten Democratic seats.

Desperate GOP leaders have failed to reign in their unstable and unpredictable candidate, Donald Trump, but McConnell managed to dodge and avoid questions about him during his meeting. Even when asked by reporters if Trump was a threat to down-ballot senators, McConnell skillfully responded they would be “on defense”, no matter who led the Republican ticket for president.

Tap-dancing like a professional politician, when McConnell was asked about Trump’s incendiary comments on Obama being the “founder of ISIS,” he replied, “I’m hoping that we can make this election about Hillary Clinton. I think if we do, we can win.”

But after McConnell’s warning about being in a “dogfight,” for Republican-held swing states listed by the Associated Press as New Hampshire, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and Indiana, he admitted, “I may or may not be calling the shots next year.”

Analysts predict that Democrats could easily pick up enough seats to take back Senate majority, which would greatly help in the fight for Supreme Court nominees if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump, frantic over the nosedive in his popularity, has gone through another shake up in his campaign leadership just three months away from the election.  He continues to vacillate back and forth between making lunatic comments like Muslim “extreme vetting” on Monday; to acting all presidential, while staying on script as he read the pre-written speech from a teleprompter during his message to black Americans in Milwaukee, Tuesday night.

Regarding McConnell, it’s fair to say the smarmy Senate leader’s days are probably numbered, no matter who wins the presidency and he knows it better than anyone.

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Delilah Jean Williams

Delilah Jean Williams

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