A Third Of Donald Trump Voters Believe That Hillary Clinton Worships Lucifer

A Third Of Donald Trump Voters Believe That Hillary Clinton Worships Lucifer

Sunday brought us our first major poll to reflect voters’ feelings after the Democratic National Convention, and unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton experienced a bounce. According to Public Policy Polling, which conducted its survey on July 29th and 30th, Clinton leads GOP nominee Donald Trump 50% to 45%. When including third-party candidates, she still holds a five-point advantage.

On Monday, we’ll likely see similar polls released that show Clinton with an increase in favorability and a significant margin over Trump. That is just the way conventions work, and especially so this year considering the optimistic, star-studded, well-reviewed event the Democrats put on, in contrast to the doom and gloom Mad Max-esque catastrophe that was the RNC.

But what will set PPP’s poll apart from the others is the off-the-wall questions they asked their respondents. PPP has a history of tossing in some silliness in their surveys, usually reflecting current news stories, and this one was no exception. Referencing Ben Carson’s crazy-ass RNC speech where he somehow tied Clinton to Lucifer by way of Saul Alinsky. The pollster asked Trump voters if they thought Hillary had ties to the devil. And the results were remarkable.

From PPP’s release:


This election is never likely to turn out to be the sort of landslide for Clinton that some expected a year or 6 months ago because Trump voters just hate Clinton too much for that to ever happen. For instance on this poll we find that 74% of Trump voters think Clinton should be in prison, to only 12% who disagree. By a 66/22 margin they say Clinton is a bigger threat to the United States than Russia. And 33% think Clinton even has ties to Lucifer, to 36% who say they don’t think so, and 31% who are unsure either way. Against that set of findings it’s simply not
very likely that many Trump voters will be moving into the Clinton column and that’s why although she’s certainly the favorite the chances of her winning a double digit victory are pretty minimal.


What the what?!?! Yup. A full one-third of Trump backers think just like Carson and that Hillary is a devil worshipper. You also have nearly that same number who just aren’t sure. My guess is they just need to get some more questions answered.

Another amazing thing is that by a 3-1 margin, Trump supporters think Clinton poses a bigger risk to the United States than Russia. It appears that their Dear Leader’s infatuation with Vladimir Putin and embrace of Russia has fed over to them and they believe that an autocratic leader of a flailing superpower poses no concern.



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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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