D.L. Hughley: “The Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist Is Fox News And The Police Department”

D.L. Hughley: “The Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist Is Fox News And The Police Department”

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and commend someone for going into the lion’s den, taking on their predator face to face, and not backing down.

That is exactly what we saw Wednesday night when comedian and social activist D.L. Hughley appeared for an interview on Fox News’ The Kelly File. His segment was supposed to be to get his reaction to the recent high-profile police shooting of Philando Castile. It turned into¬†Megyn Kelly getting read for filth…and it was glorious.

Prior to Hughley coming on the air, Kelly spoke with Mark Fuhrman — YES, THAT MARK FUHRMAN — about the case involving the cop who shot and killed Castile. The fact that Fox News turns to a convicted perjurer who is most famous for saying the n-word to give ‘expert’ law enforcement analysis immediately set D.L. off, and he let Megyn have it right from the beginning of their conversation.

After noting he was unaware that Fuhrman of all people was going to be there, and getting asked by Kelly his thoughts on that, Hughley responded thusly:

“I think that cops have a different perspective than us, and I think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman, who was actually, got in trouble for perjuring himself, call somebody a liar. It’s ridiculous.”


As one would imagine if you’ve watched Megyn Kelly tackle anything related to race, she went right on the defensive. For a couple of minutes, she and D.L. just shouted back and forth at each other, with her essentially complaining that black folks jump to conclusions too quick regarding shootings by cops. She then brought up Michael Brown, Ferguson and how ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ was a big lie.

Eventually, they tried to get back to the subject at hand — although Kelly seemingly only wanted to talk about how innocent Darren Wilson was — when Hughley had his mic-dropping moment. When Kelly told him that with Castile’s death, there appears to be a rush to judgment just like in other instances, the former sitcom star told her the following:

“Well first off, what I’ll tell you is this. It is not uncommon for you all to see one thing. The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.”

Poor ol’ Megyn nearly fell out of her chair, telling Hughley that he had just insulted her audience (highlighting it was “millions of people”), leading from another awesome moment from the comedian.

“And you know what? I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even. I could care less about insulting people that insult me on a daily basis.”

Oof! Following a bit of an awkward silence, Kelly tried to complete the interview, only to get hit back a few more times when she tried to ‘win’ the debate with him over racism and the police. She then basically pulled a Bill O’Reilly and ended the interview while Hughley still wanted to keep going.

Anyway, I can guarantee you D.L. Hughley won’t be back on The Kelly File, or Fox News, anytime soon.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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