Donald Trump: Blacks Love Me And I’m Not Racist Because Don King Endorsed Me!

Donald Trump: Blacks Love Me And I’m Not Racist Because Don King Endorsed Me!

On Friday, Republican nominee and orange-hued Angry Bird Donald Trump continued to give Republicans headaches as he kept up his penchant for saying racist things. With the GOP desperately hoping the flap over Trump’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel would finally start to fade away  — it isn’t — the Trumpster decided go after Elizabeth Warren by calling her Pocahontas (again).

Yep, the morning after Warren formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, the ex-Apprentice host revived his favorite racially-charged insult for the Massachusetts Senator. He has done this several times over the past few months, believing that it is an effective attack and a way to dissuade her from going on offense against him. Of course, questioning Warren’s Indian heritage didn’t work for then-Senator Scott Brown in 2012, and all it is doing now is burnishing Trump’s reputation as an ugly bigot.

Well, after more stories hit the press regarding how pissed off GOPers are that Trump continues to project a completely racist image, the supposed billionaire took to Twitter Saturday morning to defend himself, proclaiming he’s the least racist person in the whole country or something. Beyond that, he used an endorsement from a well-known African-American to prove his non-racism.



This follows up a tweet he sent on Friday, the day of Muhammad Ali’s funeral, where he hyped up the Don King endorsement.



There’s only one thing wrong with this — Don King has never endorsed Trump.

According to the New York Daily News, King stated that he is a “Republicrat,” and he’s going to follow the will of the people.


“No,” King told the Daily News at the funeral for Muhammad Ali. “I’m endorsing the people. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, I’m a Republicrat, and I go with the will of the people. The only reason Trump exists is because of the will of the people.”

“I like Mr. Trump,” said King, letting The Donald down easy. “He’s an idol of America.”


This is just lie number 6,854,971 that Trump’s told this election season. Still five more months left.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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