#ChickenTrump: Bernie Wants To Know What Trump’s Afraid Of After He Backs Out Of Debate

#ChickenTrump: Bernie Wants To Know What Trump’s Afraid Of After He Backs Out Of Debate

In the span of 48 hours, Republican nominee and California drought expert Donald Trump has gone from agreeing to debate Bernie Sanders, claiming it was all a joke, agreeing again if at least $10 million was raised for charity, and once again chickening out after said money was fronted.

Yep, in a statement released to the press Friday afternoon, the ex-Apprentice host and self-proclaimed destroyer of ISIS claimed that it would be “inappropriate” for him to debate a second-place finisher. He said this despite also stating that he believed Hillary Clinton and the DNC had screwed Sanders out of the nomination. There were copious uses of the term “Crooked Hillary,” because of course.



Almost immediately after Trump put the kibosh on the whole thing — he was never going to go through with it — #ChickenTrump started trending on Twitter. On top of that, Sanders himself ridiculed Trump, asking Trump “what he’s afraid of” when reporters told him of the decision.


Here’s the thing. Bernie really wanted this to go through because it would be a big boost to his campaign as he tries to pull off a miracle in the final Democratic primary states next month. Badly trailing Hillary in pledged delegates and the popular vote, Sanders could have used the intense media exposure that this spectacle would have provided, especially as his campaign’s money is drying up.

But, it was not to be. And it was never going to be. It was just Trump flying off at the mouth like he does, and then flip-flopping, like he does. He soaks up more of the news cycle and moves on.

Justin Baragona

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