NC Gov. Pat McCrory: Scrap The Civil Rights Act And Bring Back Segregated Bathrooms

NC Gov. Pat McCrory: Scrap The Civil Rights Act And Bring Back Segregated Bathrooms

Well, now that North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory realizes the federal government and the Department of Justice aren’t playing around over his state’s discriminatory bathroom law, he’s taken to both playing the victim and calling for a return to the Jim Crow era.

Appearing on CNN Thursday, McCrory spoke to host Jake Tapper about the dual lawsuits going on between North Carolina and the federal government regarding HB2, otherwise known as the transgender bathroom law. As has been his natural inclination since taking heat over the discriminatory measure weeks back, McCrory immediately blamed liberals for the law, despite the fact Republicans passed it and he signed it.

From Raw Story:


“I think that this was an argument that we didn’t need to have,” McCrory opined. “But this is an agenda by the far left. And for some reason, the national media is saying the far right brought this up. I had no interest in this subject.”

“But the Justice Department is basically making a civil rights claim that every private sector employer in the U.S. and every university in the United States must have gender expression or gender identity bathroom choices for individuals,” the governor complained.


Tapper tried to appeal to his Christian, children-loving heart by bringing up kids, specifically transgender children who have a very high rate of suicide. He wanted to know why McCrory was looking to marginalize and target them even more than they already are. McCrory’s solution — SEGREGATED BATHROOMS!


McCrory argued that the solution was to “make special circumstances” by allowing the transgender girl to use a segregated bathroom.

“But now the Civil Right Division of the U.S. Justice Department has deemed those types of arrangements to be discriminatory,” McCrory remarked.

“You just said you were sensitive to a child’s needs?” Tapper noted. “Are you not making that child’s life much more difficult?”

“I’m also worried about the other kids,” McCrory replied. “There’s an expectation of privacy for the other girls or other boys.”

“Can you imagine the potential problem there?” he continued. “And so we need to look through these problems and not throw hand grenades at these issues because it’s a new sensitive issue on all sides, for families, for young girls and boys, and for the transgender population.”


Seeing where his natural train of thought was heading, McCrory then stated that the thing we really should be doing is looking at the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And by looking at it, he means just scrapping the whole fucking thing because trans people and all.


“I think there’s a time where the Republicans and the Democrats in this Congress need to revisit the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and revisit all this issue,” the first-term governor opined. “Because these are complex issues and North Carolina for whatever reason politically has become the target by the left on this agenda.”


Yeah, Pat McCroy, keep talking. Keep fucking talking.

Below is video of the segment, also courtesy of Raw Story:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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