The ‘Stop Trump’ Movement Is In Full Swing And The Losers Are Hoping To Become Winners

The ‘Stop Trump’ Movement Is In Full Swing And The Losers Are Hoping To Become Winners

So it seems that Lyin’ Ted Cruz and just general loser John Kasich are teaming up to take down their mutual tormentor, Donald “my hair ain’t fake” Trump. It is a little too late in my book and quite hypocritical, though it is both their right and responsibility. It is late and hypocritical because at this stage of the game both of these candidates traditionally would have already thrown in the towel knowing they couldn’t win and now be working to build a consensus. However, these two losers are upset that they can’t be crowned king of the dance, so they want to sabotage the only one who can win and steal his glory.

That isn’t completely true though, is it? We all know that Mr. Trump has said and done some very racist and authoritarian things in his campaign. He is also running as a Republican, so technically it is the Republican Party’s right to keep its people in the race if they want to try and derail the top candidate if they don’t want him. Do they really want this man leading the charge for them when they are almost positive he will lose to Clinton or Sanders in the general election?

Their strategy is a road full of treachery and peril however, and I am sure they know it. This move by bitter losers could be perceived by the members of their party at this stage as just sour grapes and a move to divide them. The Republicans could be starting to unite while the Democrats are still fighting on. Instead, they will fight all the way to the convention because someone else wants to wear the king’s regalia, who by the way is not happy about the apparent collusion against him.

The whole point of stopping Trump though is not so they can stop someone they perceive as a racist or even someone they don’t think is a Republican. They just want to stop someone who they think won’t help them win in down-ticket races and the presidency. For the very same reasons, Ted Cruz can kiss his chances for the crown goodbye even though he is doing his best scheming behind the scenes by trying to rig the delegates for himself.

The only truly viable candidate the Republicans have left is John Kasich, but the base of the party has soundly rejected him and every other establishment candidate that came forward. The establishment, however, won’t be thinking about them when it wants to choose who can beat the Democratic candidate and woo independent voters. They believe that the extremists will just fall in line like they always do.

I question whether that is the way this will play out. With this alliance, we are certain to see a contested convention that is of course if Ted Cruz doesn’t get annoyed that Kasich still wants his people to vote for him. After all the point of this sort of alliance is to tell your people to vote for the other guy, which Mr. Kasich just doesn’t seem to understand. Maybe this is why this sort of alliance hasn’t come about before.

Whichever way this turns out, I doubt the base of the Republican Party is going to be happy. They have voted overwhelmingly for Trump and Cruz, neither of whom the establishment will want to be the standard bearer, but they will not easily give up when they arrive at the convention. The base and those candidates will feel betrayed when they don’t receive the nomination as they will come in with the most delegates. If Kasich or someone who didn’t even run is chosen, what sort of response do you think the hardcore base of the Republican Party might send those who chose the candidate they didn’t want? Even if the “Stop Trump” alliance works at denying him the total of 1,237 delegates, the GOP may still have to grin and bear the pain of nominating him anyway just to appease their base whom they have riled up from years of dog-whistle politics.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr. is a college graduate with two degrees and more than thirty years writing experience who lives in the middle of somewhere, America. Inspired by some of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers, he wants to rejuvenate the country and bring about a more modern and equal society.