Does Romney Realize He’s Given Life To One Hated GOP Monster While Trying To Destroy Another?

Does Romney Realize He’s Given Life To One Hated GOP Monster While Trying To Destroy Another?

Politics is a dangerous game. You have to be quick of mind and be aware of all the traps laid at your feet by wily opponents. Those nimble enough and with great vision will avoid them and be able to throw them back upon their attackers in such a way so as not to be seen. The trap will spring upon an unsuspecting target and they will fall into the pit of spikes instead of you. In this way, you live long in a world of intrigue and spite.

This almost makes the men and women who participate in politics like those in a spy movie. Glamorous, intelligent, and crafty in the most devious of ways. I might grant that some are devious and others are intelligent, but to say that any one of them has all of these traits together is a bit of a stretch. However, Mitt Romney may be employing them, or he could be fooling us again like he tried to do in 2012 when he said he was just like us. Then, of course, we heard about the infamous 47% comments.

You see, Mr. Romney might think he is playing in his own House of Cards, and if he deals himself the right hand while shortchanging everyone else he can come out on top. Early on in the primary season, he decided he wasn’t going to run, but now he has injected himself full tilt back into the game, albeit on the sideline. He claims his only effort is to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination and ruining the party.

No offense Mr. Romney, but that has already been done for most of the people in this country. This primary and your debates have shown this country your Party’s true colors quite clearly. You want more war and violations of international law; more tax cuts for the wealthy balanced on the backs of everyone else while cutting what you call entitlement programs; and a whole lot of fear-mongering, authoritarianism, and theocracy for the masses whether they like it or not.

Despite this, I have no problems with Mitt Romney’s attempt to get a movement going to stop Trump. I believe since the Republicans created this problem, it is their responsibility to solve it, if they can. However, it may be a little too late, and Mr. Romney’s plan may not really fix the problem anyway.

First off, he was placing robocalls for both Marco Rubio and John Kasich. I’ll admit he started his campaign far too late to be of any good to either of these two candidates, and that is why Rubio is gone. Kasich got a little more support for a bit, which helped him pull out the Ohio win, but now Romney has stabbed him in the back and said any vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump. Wow, what a friend we have in Mitt.

Of course, this is all in hopes of having a contested convention and keeping Donald Trump from getting the 1237 delegates he needs from automatically getting the nomination. So, instead of trying to campaign for both candidates along the way and bleeding Trump dry in various states, he is going to throw his full support behind Mr. Theocrat himself, TED “I’m a Christian first” CRUZ!

I find this very strange. This builds up the ego of a man who is just like Donald Trump and who will claim the same things once the nomination process starts. If he has almost the same number of delegates or is just a little short, he will demand the nomination just as much as Trump will. If he doesn’t get it, do you think he or his people won’t cause as many problems as Trump’s?

In many ways, Cruz is worse than Trump because he refuses to work with people to get things done. It’s his way or the highway, bud. This is the essence of a true zealot, and what we are fighting against in Daesh. Most Americans can see the hypocrisy of voting for this, why can’t the Republicans?

Politics makes strange bedfellows I guess. Or maybe there is something much deeper going on here than Mitt Romney doesn’t want people to see. You can’t survive long in politics without having some intelligence and deviousness. Despite what I think of most politicians, I’ll admit that they all have some measure of both to one degree or another.

If the Republican convention is contested as Romney hopes it will be, maybe that is when he will start to show the cards he has held in his hand. Perhaps they are pocket aces that will defeat both Trump and Cruz and allow Romney and his cohorts to get someone else at the top of the ticket that they think would be better for the Party. That could be their end goal. It could be himself or even John Kasich.

Either way though, if they deny both Trump and Cruz after this contentious primary, the Republican Party will pay the price with their own base of supporters who did not want or choose the person they put at the top of the ticket.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr. is a college graduate with two degrees and more than thirty years writing experience who lives in the middle of somewhere, America. Inspired by some of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers, he wants to rejuvenate the country and bring about a more modern and equal society.