Behold The Stupidity Of A Congress That Refuses To Work For The People It Represents

Behold The Stupidity Of A Congress That Refuses To Work For The People It Represents

We are all well aware of the intransigence and obstruction of the Congress. It isn’t new. Almost as long as I have been paying attention to the way our country has been run, the Congress has worked in opposition to the President. That hasn’t always been the case, but it is true more often than not and now more so than any other time I can remember.

I can’t think of a politician who would have dared to publicly call Reagan a liar while he was making a speech, let alone the State of the Union, even though many of us knew he was. Even if we didn’t like the man and opposed him politically, politicians didn’t debase themselves by denigrating him in public in such a crude way. One could say Joe Wilson’s actions were those of a typical southern, racist jackass who didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground as my father would say. But, that doesn’t excuse him or any of the other acts committed by a lazy Congress.

The recent declaration by Mitch McConnell to refuse to hold a hearing or to even listen to the President’s candidate for the Supreme Court is just the latest stupid action. I suppose it should have been expected. The degenerate douchebags really don’t know any better but to sit on their hands or put their thumbs in their ears when anyone asks them to do something. It’s like talking to a two-year-old screaming at the top of their lungs about having a poopy diaper who won’t sit still long enough to let you take it off of them.

The lone voice of what seemed to be reason in this carnival of lunacy for most people was Paul Ryan. He is even trying to carve that niche for himself, but if you dig a little deeper, you’d realize he is just as crazy as the others. He just seems to hide his bullshit better.

On Friday, Ryan spoke with John Harwood of CNBC about Donald Trump and the future of the party, among other things. There is a lot of the same old crap brought up that he wants to refresh in people’s minds as new ideas or things that must be done to save the country. It’s been debunked a hundred times before so I won’t even go into it here.

Social Security and Medicare are top priorities since they have to reduce the budget, which I admit is a concern. But seeing as they are Republicans they only have a single tool in the toolbox for fixing any solution other than the military – reduce it or kill it. No offense, but no professional in any other walk of life limits themselves to one tool. Could you imagine a plumber with only a hammer? How about an electrician with only a screwdriver?

It is no wonder that the current approval rating for Congress is about 13%. With the people in this country always looking at the people who are supposed to work for them sitting on their asses collecting a paycheck, it is hard to stomach. After all, they don’t work a full week and always seem to be on vacation.  Everyone always says they are doing all this work outside of Congress, but you know what, almost all of that is certainly dealing with lobbyists who in my opinion have far too much influence on our political system already and need to be curtailed.

If they aren’t doing that they are back home dealing with constituents. No offense intended here, but if their constituents actually mattered to them they would have a bigger influence on policy and how they voted. And of course we don’t, which is why we hate Congress so damn much.

There is a HUGE disconnect between the people who are supposed to represent us and the majority of people in this nation. Paul Ryan was right about one thing in his interview with John Harwood. We do need a clarifying election in this country to break the impasse in Congress. We need to stop re-electing our lazy ass congressmen and congresswomen who know nothing of what it is like to be us and refuse to work for the money we pay in taxes to get them to do their jobs.


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Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr.

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