Leaked Tape Reveals ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Kissing Donald Trump’s Ass During Town Hall

Leaked Tape Reveals ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Kissing Donald Trump’s Ass During Town Hall

Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have been vociferously defending themselves against accusations that they are a bit too chummy with GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. They also have hit back against claims that the MSNBC town hall with Trump that they moderated last week was full of softball questions. The network has also come to the pair’s defense, using their ratings as proof of their journalistic credibility or something.

Well, on Monday, leaked audio was procured by comedian Harry Shearer and played on his radio program that showed the duo casually chatting with the celebrity billionaire. Discussing the apparent feud between CNN and MSNBC, and the competing town halls and lengthy interviews the two networks scheduled against each other, Shearer played the six-plus minute long clip. He also revealed that CNN’s media writers had charged that Morning Joe had been in the tank for Trump.

The clip, which you can listen to below, has some real eye-opening moments in it. Sure, we’ve all come to the conclusion that Morning Joe is now Morning Trump, and Joe and Mika have been playing footsie with the reality TV star and giving him loads of positive coverage for months now, but to hear it is still pretty amazing. Especially as they were already dealing with intense criticism for¬†being too friendly with Trump when the town hall was scheduled, so you’d think they would have tried to play it a bit straight.

But, nope, they couldn’t help themselves. We got the following:

— Joe telling Trump how good his Bloomberg poll numbers were in South Carolina.

— “Nothing too hard, Mika.” Donald requesting that Mika not give him any hard questions during the next segment, and Brzezinski responding, “OK.”

— Scarborough claiming he was wrong about how bad he thought Trump did in the last debate, saying the polls that came out afterward showed him that his performance was fine to the people that mattered.

— Mika gushing over a campaign rally of Trump’s, saying there was a real “wow moment” in it.

— Donald saying the pair have treated him as a “legendary figure” and he knows that they’ll get great ratings and a raise from this event.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see how Joe, Mika and MSNBC execs spin this shit.



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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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