Republicans Are Talking Impeachment (Again) To Distract From Their Own Acts Of Treason

Republicans Are Talking Impeachment (Again) To Distract From Their Own Acts Of Treason

“The real issue is whether or not the president was aware that members of Congress were being tapped. If that’s the case, and the president was aware of it, Sandra, I believe that this is not only unconstitutional; I believe this is an impeachable offense. 

Richard Nixon resigned for less than this.”Mike Huckabee on The Kelly File, December 30th.


So here we are again. Republicans have brought up impeachment talk once more because they claim that the President has been wiretapping them while they were conducting their jobs. That isn’t the case, but they want to make it seem that way so they can stoke national outrage for the President instead of at themselves for what they’ve done. You see, it isn’t the President who has broken the rules of government; it is the Republicans, once again.

At the heart of the complaint is NSA spying. Mr. Huckabee wrongly claims that Republican Congressmen were being wiretapped, but they were actually caught up communicating in conversations while colluding with a foreign government to undermine procedures and votes in our Congress in favor of Israel. The foreign government, who is our ally but is spying on us, is also being spied on.

Some may decry this publicly, and will do this vociferously, especially if they or their party mates are caught up in an investigation, but let us be honest. All governments do some measure of spying on each other. It is the nature of the game. If you are foolish enough to get caught, you suffer the consequences for it, whatever they happen to be in that particular country. Hope you aren’t an American operative working in North Korea and get caught.

However, this is drawing away from the problem we are facing here in America at this time. We have a Republican Party that is working hand and hand with a foreign government, Israel, against the interests and wishes of the elected President of the people. I think in any other country in the world this action would be called by its true name – treason. For some very odd reason, we have let these radical politicians continue these actions with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever, other than a petition to have some of them prosecuted.

Allow me to prove my case. The first step along this road to treason was asking and permitting the head of this foreign state to speak on the floor of Congress in an attempt to influence the members’ opinions of an upcoming deal with another foreign nation. This was unprecedented in our history and a direct slap in the face of the President after his State of the Union Address.

The second, and one of the most heinous acts ever committed by sitting Senators, was a letter sent to the nation of Iran telling them that they could not trust the President of America and that any agreement made would be worthless after he left office. The only bright spot about this affair was the Iranian response to these treasonous bastards. They pointed out the fallacies in these Senators own arguments about how our own government worked which these Congressmen thought the Iranians would be ignorant of.

After the deal had been signed with Iran, Israel spent millions of dollars bribing sympathetic Congresspersons to try and scuttle this deal at all costs under existing PAC law. Again here we have our own elected officials colluding with a foreign government to further their agenda and influence our politics. Treason, according to the Constitution, is going to war against the country, or in adhering to their enemies and giving them aid and comfort.

Some would like to say that because Israel is technically our ally, helping them in any way isn’t treason. Israel is a foreign government, and as a sovereign nation, their priorities are often not ours. To allow them to dictate how our county will conduct its business is akin to letting someone who you can’t fully trust into your house to decide how you live your life, whether that is to your detriment or not.

They are bribing our officials and trying to determine how our government runs, not us. That is treason by any other nation’s standard, and it should be in ours when you consider how our Republican Congressmen have been caught up in this recent sweep of Israel wiretaps. Are they still communicating in further attempts to subvert the way our government works? Who knows. But the one thing that really bothers me about this NSA information is that they didn’t release the names of those treasonous GOPers.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr. is a college graduate with two degrees and more than thirty years writing experience who lives in the middle of somewhere, America. Inspired by some of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers, he wants to rejuvenate the country and bring about a more modern and equal society.