Hypocritical Carly Fiorina Complains That Hillary Clinton Is Playing The ‘Gender Card’

Hypocritical Carly Fiorina Complains That Hillary Clinton Is Playing The ‘Gender Card’

It always makes me wonder a bit when someone in the political arena makes a complaint about one of their rivals. Especially if that complaint is obviously something they so often do themselves. Really? You are going to try to feign indignation over someone else’s use of your own devices? That is pretty foolish, and downright stupid.

On Monday, Carly Fiorina did just that. She had to join in on Donald Trump’s complaints of Hillary Clinton that she was playing the ‘gender card.’ Ho, ho it is to laugh. Mrs. Fiorina often appeals to women while on stage and plays the ‘gender card’ though she says she isn’t doing that.

She flouts the fact that if she is chosen as the Republican nominee, Hillary won’t be able to make claims about being the first woman President. Technically she could still do that though, because if she wins the election, she would still be the first woman President, so there is that. She says that Hillary won’t be able to play this ‘gender card,’ and that she won’t be able to bring up what Mrs. Fiorina calls the imaginary ‘War on Women,’ without being challenged.

Let’s delve into that, shall we? Like a lot of Republicans, Mrs. Fiorina says that the Democrats are just making this ‘War on Women’ up, but that is hardly the case. I am not talking about the sexist statements or even the hardcore religious attitudes of many of the Republican field. Those could come from either side of the aisle if you ask me. Neither side has a monopoly on bad taste or misogyny.

No, I am talking about actual deeds or lack thereof to keep women down or ‘in their place.’ Like most Republicans Fiorina is against a raise in the minimum wage. She has even stated, wrongly that 62% of minimum wage workers were still in high school. In actuality, 66% are adults and estimates are as high as 75% of minimum wage earners being women. So, by saying that people earning the minimum wage don’t deserve a raise, you are turning your back on a lot of women.

Then you have the issue of birth control that all conservatives seem to hate with a passion. Women having sex for any reason other than procreation seems to strike them with repugnance and fear, and in no way should anyone ever pay for it except the offending women. And yet some health plans will pay for Viagra or other male sex pills. I don’t get it. Why are my erection pills more important than my wife’s pills that could actually help her in more ways than just keeping her from getting pregnant? And of course, Carly Fiorina is right along party lines with restricting access to birth control.

And of course, the most obvious sign that there actually is a war against women or equality is the Paycheck Fairness Act, which has been voted on in Congress a few times now. Each time it has come up it has been voted down. Republicans in large numbers have voted against it every single time. We all know that women are often paid less than men for doing the exact same job in the same damn facility. Why the hell would we allow this?

Carly Fiorina has acknowledged that the problem exists, but for some unknown reason has placed the blame for it on unions, government bureaucracies, and on progressives. That is really funny. Progressives are trying to pass legislation to stop this sort of thing, and unions wouldn’t allow that practice in any place where they exist because ALL union members are paid the same wage depending upon their position and time in. Carly, you understand nothing about how a union works.

I’d like to say one final thing. Before you complain about another candidate, Carly Fiorina, please examine your own tendencies first. Otherwise, you just make yourself a laughing stock, and no one in their right mind will ever vote for you. Oh wait, no one is ever going to do that anyway. So please, carry on. We all need a good laugh.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr.

Poor Richard Jr. is a college graduate with two degrees and more than thirty years writing experience who lives in the middle of somewhere, America. Inspired by some of the ideals and principles of the founding fathers, he wants to rejuvenate the country and bring about a more modern and equal society.