Ben Stein: Hey, Did You Know Obama Totally Hates America Because He’s Black?

Ben Stein: Hey, Did You Know Obama Totally Hates America Because He’s Black?

Over the past few days, conservatives have pretty much fallen over themselves in an effort to show which one of them hates both Muslims and President Obama the most. While GOP Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, along with the whole of Fox News, had seemed to be in the lead, a dark horse entered the race earlier this week.

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s The Steve Malzberg Show on Tuesday, former Nixon speechwriter and part-time actor Ben Stein decided to do a little psychoanalysis of the President. Discussing Obama’s foreign policy and strategy in the Middle East, Stein and Malzberg both agreed that the leader of this nation is a “bad joke” and a threat to this country. However, Stein went even further, stating that the fact that Obama wasn’t a white man and his pops was from Africa is likely the reason he has a “strong hatred of America”.

From the show’s transcript, courtesy of Media Matters:


BEN STEIN: Mr. Obama has been wrong from day one about ISIS. He called them the JV team, he said that they weren’t really serious or important. He has not in any sense addressed their threat, and he’s a bad joke as the leader of the most important nation in the world — he’s a bad joke.

STEVE MALZBERG: He is a bad joke, what’s worse I — you know, Rush Limbaugh kicked off his show today by saying that Obama is a danger to the safety of this nation.

STEIN: Oh he’s a very real danger. I’m very interested in psychology, I’m very interested in psychoanalysis, I guess I probably should have been a psychologist or psychoanalyst but I think the question is why is he so angry at America?

I don’t think there’s much question that he does not wish America well. He has a real, strong, hatred of America. Is it because he’s part black? I don’t know. Is it because his father was mistreated by the British in Kenya? I don’t know. We don’t know. We just know that in terms of being a forthright, bold leader who takes on our enemies, he’s not there, he’s missing in action.


Well, at least Stein didn’t beat around the bush there. Rather than use the standard GOP dog whistle when talking about the Socialist Kenyan Usurper, the ex-Win Ben Stein’s Money host just pulled out a megaphone and said what every red-blooded, God-fearing, Second Amendment loving patriot who wants to Make America Great Again is thinking. Fucking Blackie McBlack is embarrassing us real Americans because he ain’t one of us. (And by one of us, we mean white.)

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Newsmax TV:



Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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