Busted: How The Anti-Union Republican Party Is In Fact A Union

Busted: How The Anti-Union Republican Party Is In Fact A Union

It is wholly hypocritical that Republicans hate unions. The Republican Party is, itself, a union: it has a national committee, the RNC, to represent Republicans nationally. And the RNC is currently working with the companies programming the Republican debates because multiple candidates, or union members, have complained about format changes, including the absence of opening statements.

As such, the RNC is an effective union. Chairman Reince Priebus, in supporting Republican presidential candidates’ interests, is a union boss.

And cooperative with the RNC are some of the unions in our Congress. The majority party in the House of Representatives is a union, with a leadership hierarchy to represent Republican Representatives in the House against the Democratic union of Representatives. The Speaker of the House is the leader, or union boss, of the entire House of Representatives to represent House Representatives against the Senate.

Politics is nothing but effective unions, all the way down to local school boards. And with political groups, dues are still required. They may come in the form of endless “donations”, but because election costs are rising steadily there is obviously some expectation of cash from members. And the super PACS are not helping fight this trend of unionization of political interests.

Because of the influx of outside money, the Koch Brothers are turning into the real union bosses of the Republican Party with their plan to spend nearly $1 billion. Money does a lot of talking in political unions, and in the GOP it seems that rich people’s opinions are the real primaries in which Republicans are competing.

The truth is that Republicans do not hate unions, they just hate labor unions that support Democrats. And boy do labor unions give more money to Democrats! But can you blame them when Republicans ceaselessly attack and try to render unions impotent?

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was national Republican hero for his efforts against unions, and there is perhaps no political issue more plagued with doublespeak than conservative campaigns against unionization: companies like Walmart claim not to be anti-unions, but “pro-associate”, and states have “right-to-work laws” that break the back of unions and their ability to raise money for union interests. Which means that the GOP and anti-unions corporations have effectively created a union of pro-business interests.

In reality, if Republicans actually wanted to do away with all unions they would have to give up politics. Unless the GOP wants to continue its pro-business union of economic conservatism and corporate lobbying, Republicans should all resign.

Levi Olson

Senior political columnist here at Contemptor, and a political scientist proving that American conservatism is a sham. Follow me on Tumblr at http://leviolson.tumblr.com/ or on Facebook & Twitter @theleviolson.