Rush Limbaugh Now Adds “Muslim Outreach” To His NASA Climate Change Conspiracy Theory

Rush Limbaugh Now Adds “Muslim Outreach” To His NASA Climate Change Conspiracy Theory

On his radio show Monday, sentient compost heap Rush Limbaugh floated a conspiracy theory that the discovery of flowing water on Mars was all part of some far-ranging conspiracy by NASA scientists to push forth a left-wing agenda surrounding climate change. Shortly after spouting that drivel, Limbaugh got blasted by the non-batshit crazy media for going completely off the deep end. Rather than ignore the story and move on Tuesday, the Republican mouthpiece doubled down on his theory and added some shit about “Muslim outreach” just to up the insanity.

As Rush is wont to do, he first took aim on the “Drive-By Media” for taking his comments out of context, despite the fact that numerous outlets — including this one — posted both the audio and transcript of what he said. However, in Rush World, you need to listen to the entire show, in its entirety, for at least six weeks straight to fully understand and grasp the true intellectualism and subtleties of what he’s actually saying. (He’s actually stated this numerous times on his program.)

After whining about the media being unfair to him — cribbing from Trump I see — El Rushbo then started to explain to his Dittoheads that he is merely asking questions because everything just seems so suspicious. This of course led to him declaring that not only is he absolutely and totally correct to question the science community and the timing of the Mars announcement, but President Obama’s subservience to the Muslim community is somehow infecting NASA. Wait, say what?

From the transcript of the show:


“Let’s look at this Mars business. Yesterday we had the most incredible announcement from NASA. This is what is not reported in The Politico. I don’t know if these local TV info people in Dallas even know what I said. I doubt that anybody reporting on what I said actually knows what I said. I doubt that any of them actually went to my website to read the transcript of what I said and then report on it. Even after reading what Media Matters took out of context and reported, their curiosity was not even such that they would go to my website to see if what they were being told was accurate or true.

So yesterday we have this big announcement that they’ve found flowing water on Mars and that two-thirds of the planet used to be an ocean, two-thirds of the northern hemisphere used to be an ocean, it was a mile deep. I raised a question. How do we know this? Have we probed a mile deep? We know that there’s always been water on Mars because they have ice caps on the poles. So it’s not news that there’s water. That’s why they said free flowing water. But that wasn’t the big deal. The big deal was that some scientist — and it was important to call the guy a scientist — some scientist said that a catastrophic event probably related to climate change on Mars, resulted in this.

I’m sorry, folks, but that’s not science, and that’s not even a good wild guess.  How can there be a catastrophic event on Mars when there is nobody there to experience the catastrophe?  How can there be a catastrophe on Mars when we can’t even prove it?  All we can do is wild guess it?  And the very fact that my objection to this is being noted is proof positive that there is an agenda attached to this, otherwise they would leave my comments alone.  There is an agenda attached to it and they’ve got to try to discredit anyone — in this case, me — who is attempting to attach whatever they’re doing with Mars and the news they’re reporting to the Democrat leftist agenda, which of course is climate change.

What do you bet in this movie that fierce storm is related to climate change?  I haven’t seen the [The Martian].  But here’s the thing.  I don’t think so much NASA was — well, they might be timing the release of the news to support the movie.  Actually, it’s probably true.  But more than that, NASA wants to go to Mars, and Obama’s turned NASA over to Muslim outreach, in case you’ve forgotten.  NASA wants the money to go to Mars.  It makes total sense in the world that they would time, NASA, the release of, “Look what we found! We found flowing water on Mars, oh, my God, there could be life, oh, my God, we gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go.”

And here comes the movie, they throw in climate change relationships just for a little dot the I, cross the T, and magic happens.  (interruption)  You think people don’t know?  Snerdley is telling me that some of you may not know that when I mentioned NASA was converted to Muslim outreach by Obama that you might be turning the radio up or scratching your heads.  No, he did.  One of the first things he did when he assumed office in 2009 was to convert NASA’s budget and the use of that money into Muslim outreach.

By the way, Putin is now running the world, folks, not us.  Vladimir Putin’s running the world and making mincemeat and a joke out of Barack Obama.  Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, went to the United Nations yesterday and said to the rest of the world, “Do you people know what you have done by supporting the Arab Spring and by launching all of this Muslim activity in the Middle East, do you know what you’ve done?”  It was Vladimir Putin speaking up for Democratic values and freedom and liberty, and not the president of the United States at the UN.  It’s just stunning.  This all happened yesterday while the program was going on and some of it afterwards, and I didn’t have a chance to delve deeply into it until of course the program was over yesterday.

It’s stunning what happened at the UN.  I mean, Barack Obama was treated like a child. He was laughed at and mocked and made fun of.  And I don’t even know that he knows that’s what happened.  It happened from the podium at the UN, by virtue of what Putin was saying.

Anyway, NASA’s been converted to Muslim outreach.  They want to go back to Mars.  Hell, that’s fine.  I’m not opposed to going to Mars.  I’m big on exploring.  The problem is everything that Obama touches has been corrupted, and by “corrupted” I mean it’s been converted to liberalism.  Everything that exists here exists for the purpose of advancing the Obama agenda.  And something as innocuous… This is my way of attempting to educate and inform. ”


I mean, that is just an incoherently crazed rant, even by Limbaugh standards. You’d think that even his faithful Dittoheads would be scratching their collective tin-foil encrusted heads at that nonsense. This is something that even Alex Jones would sit back and go, “Man, that’s nuts!”

Below is audio of Rush’s defense of his theory, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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