Trump Claims He Knows More About Syria Than Anyone Else Because He’s A Job Creator

Trump Claims He Knows More About Syria Than Anyone Else Because He’s A Job Creator

While news was breaking regarding a huge stampede that crushed hundred of people at the Hajj pilgrimage, both CNN and MSNBC gave ample time to stumbling GOP Presidential frontrunner and pumpkin with legs Donald Trump to talk shit about other people and continue his self-made feud with Fox News. As it is becomingly increasingly evident that the country is moving on from the Trump Show, the celebrity billionaire is trying his damnedest to dominate the media spotlight, pulling out every well-worn trick he has in his mostly empty bag.

After appearing on Morning Joe and getting his normal twenty-plus minutes to ramble on about whatever is on his mind, in this case Hillary Clinton’s shrillness and Fox News’ unfairness, the Trumpster then called into New Day to spew some barely coherent smack talk. In this instance, he decided to aim his insult gun at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who has been climbing in the polls largely on his most recent debate performance. As has been the case throughout the Summer of Trump, whenever The Donald sees a threat, he starts with the personal slams and sophomoric behavior.

Speaking to host Alysin Camerota, Trump took aim at Rubio’s knowledge of foreign policy, specifically when it comes to Syria. Nonsensically, the former reality TV star claimed that Rubio is making America less safe by telling people what he knows about foreign policy. Meanwhile, Trump will keep everything he knows close to the vest so he doesn’t tip anyone off. But, don’t you worry, American people. Donald knows far more about foreign policy that just about anybody because he’s rich and creates jobs.

Here he is telling Camerota why he can’t tell anyone what he knows right now:

“Marco Rubio wants to tell every single thing that he knows to everybody, so that the people on the other side, so that the enemy can learn all about it. I want to be unpredictable. I know more about Syria than Marco Rubio knows about Syria. I know about us beating ISIS and us trying to knock out ISIS, and them wanting to go against Assad and Assad saying, ‘I can’t believe it, Americans are killing my enemy, this is the greatest thing happening to me.’”

Camerota stated that she could understand — to a degree — why a potential leader can’t reveal everything he knows. But shouldn’t a person running for office at least try to convince the voters that he’s somewhat knowledgeable on an issue? Of course, Trump deflected, saying that it is unfortunately part of the election process and touting that he knew that we shouldn’t go in Iraq back in 2004. (Again, Donald, you weren’t the first one to say it and the war actually began in 2003.)

This was then followed by Trump boasting that his job creation skills and wealth mean he knows far more than Rubio and pretty much any other candidate.

“Look, Marco Rubio sits behind a desk sometimes, and he reads stuff, and he’s in committees. That’s all he does. I create jobs all day long. I know more about all of this than all of them put together. Believe me, we’ll have a winning strategy.”

Meanwhile, the latest national polls show that Trump has not only plateaued, but he is falling back to the pack. Bloomberg has Trump at 21% support with three other GOPers in double-digits and Rubio at 8%. Quinnipiac, CNN and Fox News all show Trump around 25% and a few others gaining fast on him. Besides Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush are all making inroads. Expect more tiresome and predictable attempts to retain the media’s attention over the coming weeks as voters move on to more substantive candidates.


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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