Rush Limbaugh Says We Need Trump As President Because America Has “Too Many Laws”

Rush Limbaugh Says We Need Trump As President Because America Has “Too Many Laws”

During Monday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, increasingly irrelevant conservative bloviator Rush Limbaugh took umbrage with a New York Times reporter whose research led her to discover that right-wing media is causing more Republicans to not care about governing in Washington. Appearing on CNN over the weekend, Jackie Calmes said that Donald Trump’s appeal to GOP voters is due to both his status as an anti-establishment candidate and that he really has no interest in actual policy work. Instead, he’s tapping into the far-right spectrum of the Conservative Entertainment Complex that has railed against any attempts by the GOP establishment to get anything done on Capitol Hill.

While playing a portion of Calmes’ segment with Reliable Sources‘ Brian Stelter, El Rushbo said that his and other conservatives’ idea of governing is different than that of the liberal elites. Instead, in his mind, there are just “too many laws” in this country that need not be followed, which is why Trump makes a perfect candidate for current conservatives who are fed up with the Republican Party.

From the show’s transcript:


STELTER:  Your main take-away from your research was that — and your title of your paper, even, They Don’t Give a Damn About Governing — is that these conservative media, uh, powers, the Rush Limbaughs of the world, that th-they’re not necessarily interested in what the Republican Party establishment is interested in.  Where does Trump fall in that?  He’s clearly anti-establishment.

RUSH:  You see, the title of this? “They Don’t Give a Damn About Governing.”  Where does this come from?  What does “governing” now mean, being led by liberals?  Is that what governing means?  What does governing mean?  Controlling?  Government is not controlling.  That’s what the modern practitioners of it, however, think it is.  We want to be liberated from a controling [sic] government.  What does that mean, can’t govern?  What does that mean?

“Well, we can’t work together with Democrats to get legislation.”  Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we got too many laws. Maybe there’s too much legislation. We got too much Obamacare. We got too many EPA regulations. We got too many onerous regulations in the way of people.  We got too many tax laws.  What do you mean, we can’t govern?  Seems to me the people that have been governing have making mistakes and botching everything.


This is that ol’ right-wing chestnut of ‘we only wanna follow the laws that we like,’ which helps explain why many on the right are pushing for the 14th Amendment to be repealed. (Ostensibly to get rid of ‘birthright citizenship,’ but it could lead to far worse repercussions for minorities.) Therefore, if you think that we have too many laws and their all too complicated, why not support a fucking simpleton who will just do whatever the hell he wants and get rid of a bunch of them? I mean, who cares about Congress or checks and balances or any of that foo-foo bullshit, right? All we need is strong, conservative, very great and very classy leadership to Make America Great Again!

After ridiculing Calmes’ paper, Rush moved on to hailing an article written for The American Spectator that pilloried conservative pundit George Will for being critical of the Great and Powerful Trumpster. This led to Limbaugh stating that some in the Republican Party have tried too hard to get acceptance from the left, and that is why Trump is refreshing because he doesn’t care what liberals think. He’ll just tell them to go to hell and say some racist stuff that makes real conservatives get all giddy.

Once again from the transcript:


RUSH: The left are still the people whose approval you must gain, even if it means you must relentlessly attack and smear people on your own side, and that’s essentially what she is saying is happening here. Ruling class conservatives have been emasculated by the left because their primary motive is to be accepted by the left. And that’s the town, by the way, when I say that the left runs everything about Washington, they run the political culture, they run the social culture, they run it all.

And if you want to be a big guy inside that universe, those are the people that you have to be on good terms with. And the way you do that is by doing and saying things palatable to them. That’s the point she’s making. And then she says Trump doesn’t care. He makes clear he doesn’t give a damn what liberals think. And everyday people of all political persuasions applaud when he stands up to the self-important, elitist media just as they did with Newt Gingrich in 2012 at one of the debates, and just as they did with Newt Gingrich back in 1994.


Keep on keeping on, Rush.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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