Here’s A Partial List Of The Media Outlets Donald Trump Has Called Losers And Weak

Here’s A Partial List Of The Media Outlets Donald Trump Has Called Losers And Weak

One thing we’ve all learned over the past few weeks is that GOP Presidential frontrunner and former reality TV star Donald Trump is a thin-skinned blowhard who cannot let any perceived slight go by without personally attacking back. While most of the time it seems like he lobs his third-grade level insults at his fellow Republican candidates or pundits he feels aren’t being fair to him, he’s also taken aim at actual media organizations who have had the audacity to take him to task for his childish behavior.

Typically, his favorite angle to take whenever he reads an unflattering article in a paper or catches a segment on cable news criticizing his latest idiotic stunt is to slam that outlet, claiming it is losing money and has no influence whatsoever. For someone who wants to be President of the United States and is in the middle of a campaign, it is generally not a good idea to make numerous enemies with the press, especially when you have about a billion skeletons in your closet that can be discovered with barely any snooping. But, this is The Donald, and he will do whatever it takes to keep the spotlight on him as long as fucking possible.

Anyway, here is a partial list of the media orgs that Trump has thrown shit at:

The Huffington Post: Trump didn’t like the fact that Huff publicly stated that they were moving coverage of his White House run over to their Entertainment section and away from Politics, obviously due to the less-than-serious nature of his campaign. Trump responded with this statement:

“If you read previously written Tweets, Mr. Trump has never been a fan of Arianna Huffington or the money-losing Huffington Post. The only clown show in this scenario is the Huffington Post pretending to be a legitimate news source. Mr. Trump is not focused on being covered by a glorified blog.”

The Des Moines Register: In an editorial earlier this month, the Register called on Trump to quit the Republican race because he had essentially made it a joke and all about his ego. Trump, of course, fired back with a statement, which included the following:

“I am not at all surprised by the Des Moines Register’s sophomoric editorial. It was issued immediately after the release of the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing me with 24% and an eleven-point lead over my nearest rival. As one of the most liberal newspapers in the United States, the poll results were just too much for them to bear. The Des Moines Register has lost much circulation, advertising, and power over the last number of years. They will do anything for a headline, and this poorly written “non-endorsement” got them some desperately needed ink.”

Trump’s camp would later bar any Register reporters from covering a campaign event in Iowa.

Univision: The Spanish-language network was one of the first major companies to cut ties with Trump after his ‘Mexicans are rapists’ comments at his campaign kickoff. Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit — we’ll see if he actually goes through with it — and claimed that Univision is losing tons of money and don’t have any viewers.

The Daily Beast: Daily Beast reported on a story that Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump had stated that it felt like The Donald raped her in the late ’80s. The account was in a biography of Trump that was published in 1993. While Ivana later claimed that Trump never raped her in the “literal or criminal sense,” the account ion the book was pretty harrowing. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen got himself in hot water by telling the reporters that wives cannot be raped by their spouses.

Tim Mak, one of the reporters on the story, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe — one of Trump’s faves because Scarborough kisses his ass constantly. Co-host Mika Brzezinski wasn’t all that satisfied with the reason the story was notable in the first place as it was from an event that happened so long ago. Trump took that as Mika tossing Mak off the air. (She didn’t.) He also said that the Beast is losing money and failing.


The Wall Street Journal: On July 20th, the WSJ published an editorial criticizing Trump over his comments on John McCain’s war hero status. The Journal pretty much did what the Des Moines Register did and call for the real estate mogul to drop out of the race, and if he didn’t, for the RNC to take matters into their own hands. Of course, Donald didn’t take too kindly to the op-ed, slamming the WSJ as lacking any influence and being worth far less than in the past. (Notice a trend with Trump in that money is the end all be all.)

It should be noted that the Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News. While Fox has largely been complimentary of Trump — especially Fox & Friends and The Five — crossing Murdoch may not be wise down the road.

Forbes: Staff writer Claire O’Conner reported on July 9th that Trump had lost another licensing deal, this one with Perfumania. Apparently, just for writing the story, Trump decided to attack both her and the magazine.  


Beyond Trump’s attacks on these publications and networks, he’s also personally gone after a number of news anchors and hosts, including Lawrence O’Donnell, Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd and Juan Williams, among others, have all been on the receiving end of Trump mean-girl tweets.

Once again, I would like to point out that Trump is on top of the GOP polls right now. Must be a proud time to be a Republican!

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona is the founder/publisher of Contemptor and a contributor to The Daily Beast. He was previously the Cable News Correspondent for Mediaite and prior to starting Contemptor, he worked on the editorial staff of PoliticusUSA. During that time, he had his work quoted by USA Today and BBC News, among others. Justin began his published career as a political writer for 411Mania. He resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife and pets.