Fox’s Erick Erickson Knows Exactly Who To Blame For Charleston Shooting…Caitlyn Jenner!

Fox’s Erick Erickson Knows Exactly Who To Blame For Charleston Shooting…Caitlyn Jenner!

Honestly, I was wondering when we were going to get to this point. And it appears it didn’t even take 24 hours. During the Thursday broadcast of his radio show, Fox News contributor and RedState publisher Erick Erickson claimed that the acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition is the reason why we have mass shootings like we saw in Charleston this week. In Erickson’s mind, it has nothing to do with lax gun laws or extreme rhetoric or just plain ol’ racism. Nope. It is all our fault for allowing LGBT people to feel normal in or society.

In case you think I am perhaps being a bit hyperbolic in my description, take a gander at what Erickson wrote on Thursday:


Yet again we have a twenty-something white male loner or semi-loner who got a gun and decided to kill people. In most cases we have found that the mass shooter was mentally disturbed. In this case, it looks more and more than Dylann Roof was just a servant of an evil that says some of those created in the image of God are better than others or that some people are not created in the image of God at all.

As a nation, when these things happen, we never have the conversation about real evil. We also never have the conversation about mental health. For that matter, we don’t have honest conversations about why some kid in Minnesota or Alabama would want to go join ISIS and kill their fellow citizens or why some kid would want to join neo-nazis or a gang.

Instead, we descend into partisan conversations where everything is political and neither side can concede or acknowledge the other’s points. Everyone and everything gets blamed while ignoring the actual person who killed.

I realize now why that is. I realize why we will never have the conversation we should have.

A society that looks at a 65 year old male Olympian and, with a straight face, declares him a her and “a new normal” cannot have a conversation about mental health or evil because that society no longer distinguishes normal from crazy and evil from good. Our American society has a mental illness — overwhelming narcissism and delusion — and so cannot recognize what crazy or evil looks like.


Per Erickson, the fact that we as a nation did not force Jenner to live as a man means we are all culpable in the racially motivated deaths of nine black church patrons in South Carolina. We should look nowhere else. It is the acceptance of perversion and the discarding of the Old Testament that is leading us to our very destruction.

He essentially repeated those same lines on his radio show. If you are a masochist, go ahead and listen below:



So whenever anyone asks you your thoughts about Charleston, just tell them that you blame Caitlyn Jenner. It will at least provide a change of pace from blaming Obama, liberals or the lack of gun-toting churchgoers.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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