Watch: Karl Rove Discusses RNC While Clutching Dry Erase Board Live on Fox News

Watch: Karl Rove Discusses RNC While Clutching Dry Erase Board Live on Fox News

Veteran Republican strategist Karl Rove joined Fox News on Tuesday to discuss the Republican National Convention. Rove predictably offered praise during an appearance on Fox & Friends while displaying a dry erase board with notes on the convention.

Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked Rove if he thought the event was better than expected.

“Yeah. Absolutely,” Rove said. “Production value’s high. Moved quickly. I thought Tim Scott’s speech was terrific I thought Nikki Haley hit it out of the park. This was a chance to start what they need to to achieve.”

“They’ve got sort of five things were evident last night,” Rove said. At this point he produced the dry erase board.

“The biggest one was promises made, promises kept. They began very — right from the beginning in strong contrast on three big issues,” he said. “They talked about Coronavirus, which they have to talk about, Biden’s got a lead on it , an edge on it. They’ve gotta remove that edge.”

Rove occasionally pointed to the topics on the dry erase board to illustrate his point.

“They talked about the economy. Contrasting the two visions of the men and they talked about law and order in our cities. They also began to humanize Trump. I thought some of the more effective moments him with the front line workers, everybody from a nurse to a truck driver.”

“I thought, also, there was attention here in the tone. You had some which were red meat aimed at the base. But a lot of last night was aimed at those swing voters who are sitting there saying I sort of like what he has done. I want to get more comfortable with him and I thought that was particularly effective. We’ll start seeing more, I suspect a second term agenda. They laid it out on Sunday night in a document we began to hear about yesterday. I suspect we will hear more about it as the week goes on. I thought it was very effective first night.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor