John Oliver Slams Trump for Promoting ‘Demon Sperm’ Doctor

John Oliver Slams Trump for Promoting ‘Demon Sperm’ Doctor

John Oliver mocked President Donald Trump on Sunday for promoting a doctor who believes sex with demons causes real life medical problems. The Last Week Tonight host presented Trump’s endorsement of Stella Immanuel as an example of his failure on Coronavirus.

“Recklessness is abounding right now, heightening the need for strong leadership. And unfortunately, we’re getting the opposite of that,” Oliver said.

He explained how Trump had shared a video of Immanuel claiming there was a cure for Coronavirus and how she believed in things like harmful demonic sperm and the use of alien DNA in medical treatments.

“That’s pretty upsetting coming from a doctor. You’d expect that bullshit from some idiot who claims to know about medicine but doesn’t have a medical license like, I don’t know, your dipshit uncle or Dr. Phil, but from a licensed medical professional that is wildly irresponsible,” Oliver said.

“She’s also reportedly claimed that alien DNA is used in medical treatments; the government is run by reptilians; and scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious.”

“And when her comments were pointed out to the President, he refused to back down.”

Oliver then blasted Trump for saying that Immanuel was an important voice.

“Wow He thinks her voice is ‘important’ but admits to knowing nothing else about her. That is not the philosophy you want when vetting medical experts,” he said.

“The most powerful idiot of all  is costing people their lives. And it is past time that we start protecting each other and taking this seriously.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor