‘Morning Joe’ Slams Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil: Maybe They Want Trump to Give Them a Job

‘Morning Joe’ Slams Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil: Maybe They Want Trump to Give Them a Job

MSNBC’s Morning Joe called out TV doctors Mehmet Oz and Phil McGraw on Friday for their appearances on Fox News talking about the Covid-19 global pandemic. Co-host Joe Scarborough was particularly critical of the celebrity physicians, suggesting they were working an angle.

“This is Dr. Phil from last night. Listen to Dr. Phil from last night and let’s try to figure out what the Hell’s going on,” Scarborough said before showing a clip of McGraw from Thursday night which went viral because he said we don’t shut the country down for car crashes.

“The stupidity of that, I just — I’ll let others explain just how stupid that is,” Scarborough said. He then showed footage of Oz arguing that schools should reopen because there would only be a 2 to 3% mortality rate.

“But lives are going to be lost because of the propaganda that is being spewed out there. It really has started the past couple of days by so many different — Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and so many other people.

The hosts went on to explain that McGraw and Oz know that what they’re saying isn’t true and are perfectly aware why measures on social distancing have been taken.

“So you wonder what’s going on,” Willie Geist said. “I think the problem with TV doctors is, they think about TV ratings. They think about TV audiences. And they know where they are. They know that where they are on those two shows, there was  some skepticism about the plan to shut down economy and the ongoing stay at home orders across the states.”

“And they fed into that and played into that. The problem is, they both have huge followings and audiences that listen to their every word and they know better. Beth of those guys know better. They’re not dumb guys. So what are they up to? That’s the question.”

“Something with Trump. Maybe they want a job,” Mika Brzezinski suggested.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor