Fox’s Pete Hegseth: Hong Kong Protesters Look at Trump and ‘They See Rocky Balboa’

Fox’s Pete Hegseth: Hong Kong Protesters Look at Trump and ‘They See Rocky Balboa’

Fox & Friends was making hay out of President Donald Trump’s bizarre tweet of himself as Rocky Balboa on Friday. The guest hosts reported on events in Hong Kong, where protesters held up copies of the photoshopped picture to show their appreciation for Trump signing two bills in support of them.

The pro-democracy protesters have appealed directly to the U.S. for support and it’s not surprising they want to stay on the right side of the President, but for Fox’s Pete Hegseth, their actions went further than rational political calculation.

“They’re singing the national anthem,” Hegseth said. “These are freedom-loving people who say China is a communist country that wants to crush us. There’s only one place on Earth that can support us, and that’s  the United States of America.”

“I love that photo,” said guest host Dean Cain, most famous for playing Superman in a 1990s’ TV show. “They’re trolling right there. There’s some trolling going on there. A-level trolling.”

“So that was the President A-level trolling,” Hegseth agreed. “And then these protesters are saying this is a fighter for freedom. This is our guy. This is who we stand with. Xi Jinping, who he’s trying to make a deal with, but he is ultimately an autocrat, a dictator. He controls China. He wants to control the world. That’s the Chinese dream.”

“They look at a guy like Trump and they see Rocky Balboa. They see a fighter for freedom. Our press here might mock him for it but that’s how protesters see him waiving the flag, singing the anthem, holding up that photo. What is going on in Hong Kong is immensely important and when you think about Thanksgiving it makes us grateful to be in a country where we really do live free.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.