CNN’s W. Kamau Bell: ‘F*ck Tucker Carlson’

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell: ‘F*ck Tucker Carlson’

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell had a trenchant message for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson during Sunday night edition of Bell’s show, United Shades of America.

Bell was interviewing Ariel, an anti-fascist activist in Seattle, about her ideology. He noted that Carlson, the favorite newscaster of neo-Nazis everywhere, had once referred to him as a leader of the Antifa movement, which Bell said “was news to me.”

In conclusion, Bell said at the end of his interview with Ariel, “Fuck Tucker Carlson.”

Bell was referring to this Carlson broadcast from 2017, which he said led to a series of death threats against him that required him to increase the security measures he takes to protect his family from Carlson’s ideological brethren.

Bell has talked about this incident before, particularly in November of 2018 when Antifa activists protested outside Carlson’s house. It later became clear that Carlson had exaggerated the violence of the protests, claiming that the activists had cracked his front door while trying to break it down, an allegation that was clearly false.

After the show aired, Bell defended his Carlson comments on Twitter:

Elsewhere in the segment, Ariel jokingly said that Abraham Lincoln might have been the last truly “moderate Republican,”, to which Bell agreed. The two also talked about Antifa tactics as the movement fights what it sees as a rise of fascism in America under Donald Trump.

Watch the video up top, via CNN.

Gary Legum

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