Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At Joe Biden As Democratic Race Enters New Stage

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At Joe Biden As Democratic Race Enters New Stage

Senator Bernie Sanders is clearly targeting former Vice President Joe Biden following his announcement that he’s running for president. Biden is leading in the polls, but Sanders has been in the race longer and clearly sees Biden as his main competitor.

In fundraising emails, the Sanders campaign has highlighted Biden’s ties to big donors and stressed that Sanders is taking small donations. Sanders is trying to become the largest fundraiser in the Democratic field, a potential uphill struggle.

“Earlier today, Joe Biden released his first day fundraising numbers,” a Sanders campaign email read. “The good news: we had a lot more individual donations than him on day one. A lot. The bad news: when their campaign got done counting the checks from a $700,000 fundraiser hosted at the home of a telecommunications lobbyist, he out-raised us by just a little bit.

“That’s fine, there is a limit to how many  max checks one can collect. Our advantage is the sheer number of people who support our campaign and are willing to chip in to help us win.”

Though this is not a very direct attack on Biden, it’s clear the Sanders campaign is trying to frame Biden as being close to big money donors. Biden and Sanders are leading the pack and it’s becoming clear Sanders sees Biden as a major threat to his chances.

The contrast and conflict between the two will be a major part of the ongoing campaign, which has entered a new stage now that there are two credible front runners.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.