Piers Morgan Calls Democrats ‘Petulant Brats’ on ‘Morning Joe’ for Wanting to Impeach Trump

Piers Morgan Calls Democrats ‘Petulant Brats’ on ‘Morning Joe’ for Wanting to Impeach Trump

Morning Joe hosted Piers Morgan on Tuesday to ask his opinion for some reason on whether Democrats should impeach Donald Trump.

Morgan recently wrote a column for The Daily Mail about what he sees as the folly of impeachment. In the column, he accused Democrats of acting like “deluded, petulant and entitled brats,” and compared them to Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Naturally, you have to give a person like that a wide audience on American television.

Joe Scarborough started off the conversation by noting that while Trump’s approval ratings are low, “if you want to jack them up, the best way to do that is for Democrats to try and impeach him.” This led Morgan to say that impeachment is a “trap” and that Democrats must have learned the lesson of Republicans in the 1990s, when impeaching Bill Clinton caused his approval ratings to rise.

Of course, Bill Clinton was notably more popular than Trump before his impeachment, among other differences between 1998 and 2019. To say nothing of the offenses both men are accused of. But it’s a morning news show, where facile comparisons are the norm.

Morgan suggested Democrats should instead focus on finding a presidential candidate who can take on Trump and beat him.

Willie Geist then noted that impeachment is “a dead end in the Republican-controlled Senate,” meaning that the Senate will never vote to remove Trump after the House impeaches him, so why bother? That impeachment as a sign of disapproval of Trump’s actions and a way to hold him accountable might be an end in and of itself and a signal that the rule of law still means something never enters the conversation. Because, again, morning news.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Gary Legum

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