Rush Limbaugh Attacks Mueller Report Before Release: ‘Fake News Is Fake News’

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Mueller Report Before Release: ‘Fake News Is Fake News’

Rush Limbaugh don’t need to read no stinking Mueller report.

The talk-radio yakker has already made up his mind about what the report is going to say ahead of its much-anticipated release on Thursday morning. Unsurprisingly, he is absolutely sure of exactly one thing: it will be full of lies. And also the media and Democrats are going to lie about it. Basically, everything anyone except Rush Limbaugh says about the report is going to be a lie.

Limbaugh told his radio show audience on Wednesday that “no matter what it says, we’re going to be lied to…no matter what it says, the Democrats and the media are going to lie about what’s in it….[B]ecause they’ve been lying about everything for two years, why stop now?”

This will happen despite the fact that, in Limbaugh’s words, “the report has no collusion in it and no obstruction according to Barr’s summary.” This would be the same summary that Barr later came out and said should not be considered a summary of the entire report.

Limbaugh also predicted that the report “is going to have horrible things to say about Donald Trump as a person in it.” Not because Trump might have done anything terrible or immoral, presumably, but because “everybody on Mueller’s team was a pro-Hillary, Trump-hating lawyer.” The implication being that any facts the investigation turned up, even if they did not rise to the level of indictable criminality, will actually not be true. Or they will be true, but spun by the media to fit “their little narrative.” Or something.

Limbaugh’s comments are right in line with the pre-report spin from Republicans. Earlier Wednesday, Ken Starr had said much the same thing: the lawyers on Mueller’s team were biased and people should be careful to not “cherry-pick” parts of the report, which he expects to be, in Limbaugh’s words, “a mighty anti-Trump screed.”

The right-wing media is in full spin mode, softening Trump fans up for a report that is perhaps not going to look as good for the president as he might have thought three weeks ago when he was claiming “TOTAL EXONERATION.”

Listen to the clip up top, via Media Matters.

Gary Legum

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