Diamond And Silk: Ilhan Omar’s Decisions Are Based On Her ‘Ideology’, Not The Constitution

Diamond And Silk: Ilhan Omar’s Decisions Are Based On Her ‘Ideology’, Not The Constitution

Conservative media duo Diamond and Silk attacked Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar Thursday night, claiming she should not be in Congress. Speaking to Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson seemed to echo controversial criticism made by Judge Jeannine Pirro about Omar’s ‘ideology’.

Dobbs asked the pair about Omar’s ‘defenders’.

“I think this is disgusting, anyone that can defend her tasteless and disrespectful words and quotes that she said, she is proven to be anti-American, anti-Jewish people,” Hardaway said, as usual dominating the conversation while Richardson cheered her on.

“I don’t even think she does even deserves to be in our Congress, and anybody that defends her, they don’t deserve to be in our Congress either,” Hardaway said.

“I don’t think she represents America, I don’t know who she represent but it’s not America,” the conservative personality said.

“It doesn’t look good for America. You know, we have a woman sitting there referring to some people did nothing, these are terrorists, the same people that she’s trying to defend, who drove plans into our twin towers, call it for what it is, I don’t know that none of them deserve to be in Congress, they make us all look bad,” Hardaway said.

She was referring to comments Omar made about the 9/11 terrorists attacks, which have animated conservative media. Omar has recently received an increasing number of death threats.

“A person’s ideology should not dictate the outcome of a decision. And I think that is what Omar is allowing herself to do whenever she’s making decisions. She’s making them based upon her ideology and not the Constitution,” Hardaway said, seeming to echo comments made by Pirro who suggested that Omar could not be both Muslim and loyal to the US Constitution.

Fox News claims “the duo are not employees of the network: ‘Diamond & Silk license short weekly videos to Fox Nation – they are not Fox News contributors or employees. When they appear on FNC and FBN, they do so as guests.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor