This Exchange Between John Kerry and a GOP Congressman Is the Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

This Exchange Between John Kerry and a GOP Congressman Is the Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

Poor John Kerry. The former Secretary of State must have thought he had fallen through a wormhole into a parallel universe on Tuesday.

Kerry was testifying at a House Oversight Committee hearing on climate change when he was confronted by Rep. Thomas Massie. The Republican from Kentucky was either making a terrible joke or purposely trolling. Either way, he made a mockery of himself, his committee, his party and conservatism in general.

Kerry was testifying on the subject of climate change because he helped negotiate the Paris Climate Accord during the Obama administration

Massie started by suggesting that he didn’t think the committee should question Kerry’s credentials because “Isn’t it true you have a science degree from Yale?”

“A Bachelor of Arts degree,” Kerry responded.

“Is it a political science degree?” Massie asked. When Kerry answered in the affirmative, the congressman continued, “So how do you get a Bachelor of Arts in a science?”

At this point, Kerry might be forgiven for wondering if he was having a stroke.

“Well, it’s a liberal arts education and degree,” Kerry said.

“Okay, so it’s not really science,” Massie answered. “So I think it’s appropriate that somebody with a pseudo-science degree is here pushing pseudo-science in front of our committee today.”

“Are you serious?” Kerry said in disbelief. “This is really a serious thing happening here?”

A little later, Kerry told Massie, “You’re not quoting science.” To which the congressman responded, “Well, you’re the science expert. You’ve got the political science degree.”

Ha ha ha, so funny. Meanwhile, the planet’s glaciers are melting faster than previously suspected and contributing to the rise of sea levels.

At least nobody brought a snowball into the hearing room to prove that winter still exists, as Sen. James Inhofe once did.

Watch the entire exchange at the top of the post, via CNN.


Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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