Media Critic to MSNBC: You Should Do Segment Called ‘We Watch Fox News So You Don’t Have To’

Media Critic to MSNBC: You Should Do Segment Called ‘We Watch Fox News So You Don’t Have To’

Discussing Jane Mayer’s in-depth and comprehensive look at how Fox News has fully transformed into a pro-Trump propaganda outlet and an extension of the White House in the past two years, media blogger and former TV Guide critic Jeff Jarvis told MSNBC that they would be doing a service to their viewers if they covered Fox News on a daily basis.

Appearing on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, Jarvis explained to host Katy Tur that Fox News has always been a “terrible influence” and that he’s seen it “brainwash” members of his family. Praising Mayer’s piece, he said that it was “important to talk about this” and other media members “have to kick Fox News out of the journalistic fraternity,” simultaneously expressing concern since they are the biggest conservative outlet.

After Washington Post political reporter Eugene Scott noted that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch took advantage of fear and anxiety in America to turn a profit and how that helped lead to Donald Trump’s rise, Tur noted that Democrats are now stating that the bar for impeachment is much higher for Trump now because Fox is out there protecting him.

“Absolutely,” Scott responded. “I think one thing many people thought were that some of these Fox News-only viewers were just ignoring the main stories coming out in other media outlets bringing critical examination to the Trump Administration. But we now know, they may not be getting those stories at all…because they live in a silo.”

Jarvis was asked if he thought there were any fair and unbiased journalists at Fox, prompting him to bring up Fox News anchor Shepard Smith. At the same time, he said they are “beschmutzed” by what Trump loyalist Sean Hannity does nightly and management’s decisions to kill stories, such as the Stormy Daniels scoop.

“It’s not just a few decent journalists there,” Jarvis asserted. “That doesn’t cover for the ills that exist. We don’t have a sense of what a charge chunk of what America sees.”

He continued: “I don’t watch Fox News all the time. I want to see MSNBC have a segment that said we watch Fox News so you don’t have to. We tell you what they are covering and what they are not covering. What is that part of America not hearing about.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

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