GOP Strategist: Republicans Have ‘No Moral Fiber Left’ and Are in ‘No Position to Lead’

GOP Strategist: Republicans Have ‘No Moral Fiber Left’ and Are in ‘No Position to Lead’

Reacting to Republicans rallying around President Trump even though his behavior and policies would be met with over-the-top outrage if it were from a Democrat, veteran Republican strategist Susan Del Percio blasted her own party, saying Republicans “have no moral fiber left in them” because they had sold themselves out to Trump.

Appearing on MSNBC Sunday, Del Percio got a little emotional while discussing Trump’s two-hour speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. With Trump airing grievances and blasting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as “bullshit,” Del Percio said the speech was an “embarrassment” and nothing more than a rant.

“I think it is a disgraceful way for the President of the United States to handle himself,” she said. “Imagine children not being able to watch the President of the United States or watching him get bleeped because of bad language.”

She went on to state that the conservative movement has been “completely hijacked” by Trump, placing the blame squarely on the CPAC audience because “they would rather be entertained than face hard realities and face the fact that they have sold themselves out to the great entertainer of our political times.”

Del Percio added that she feels that the only way for the Republican Party to be resurrected is for the country to face a major disaster since that would require “strong leadership and real policies” top move the country forward.

Later in the discussion, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt brought up a recent Washington Post article on Republicans acknowledging that they’re “wholeheartedly accepting behavior and policies from Trump that would spark outrage from a Democratic president, particularly Trump’s attempt to use executive power in defiance of Congress to secure funding for a wall along the Mexican border.”

“How can Republicans justify that?” Witt asked.

Saying she has “no idea” and that she’s disappointed only 13 Republican House members voted to block Trump’s national emergency declaration, Del Percio added that Republican leadership has shown they are “in no position to lead” right now.

“They are not — they have no moral fiber left in them because of the way they have sold themselves to Donald Trump,” she declared. “What’s worse is they are not doing their job in any way, shape, or form by laying down and letting Donald Trump walk all over them.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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