Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Michael Cohen ‘Paints a Potentially Grave Picture For the President’

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Michael Cohen ‘Paints a Potentially Grave Picture For the President’

During the mid-afternoon recess of Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Fox News’ “lonely truth-teller” informed Fox viewers just how damaging the congressional hearing was for President Trump, noting that the president could be looking at multiple felonies when it’s all said and done.

With Fox News host Neil Cavuto noting that former New Jersey Governor and longtime Trump ally Chris Christie said POTUS should be extremely concerned over what the Southern District of New York is investigating, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano seemed critical of Republicans spending all their time trying to smear and discredit Trump’s former associate.

“As to what Michael Cohen said, you know the government doesn’t get to pick its witnesses,” Napolitano declared. “Often the people who act on behalf of the government are as morally bad as the people government is prosecuting.”

After the judge dinged the president for employing Cohen for over a decade but now dismissing him as an untrustworthy rat, the Fox analyst noted that Cohen “paints a potentially grave picture for the president.”

“If the conversation he says he overheard with Roger Stone is true, then the president lied under oath because the president swore to the accuracy of his answers to the written questions from Bob Mueller,” Napolitano continued. “Did you speak to Roger Stone about Julian Assange? Answer no. If what Michael Cohen says is true that the president knew about the meeting with Russia in Trump Tower in June 2016, then he lied under oath.”

Napolitano further noted that the checks signed by Trump that Cohen presented as evidence of the president’s involvement in paying off Stormy Daniels can be seen as a “conspiracy to defraud the FEC of accurate campaign information into the president’s presidency.”

“If Cohen is being truthful and if the government can corroborate what he said today, there’s at least four potential felonies of which he has accused the President of the United States,” he stated. “Those are big ifs.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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