Fox’s Outnumbered Blasts Omar For Snapping at CNN Reporter

Fox’s Outnumbered Blasts Omar For Snapping at CNN Reporter

Conservatives are working hard to keep the story of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) perceived anti-Semitic tweets alive. On Thursday, Fox News’s Outnumbered took up the baton.

Before we get to that, a quick recap. On Sunday night, Omar sent out a couple of glib tweets about the Israeli lobby and its influence in Congress. The tweets seemed to buy into some old anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish people controlling governments with their vast wealth. The incendiary nature of such rhetoric was enough to obscure the point she was trying to make about the heavy influence of lobbyists in American politics.

On Monday, the leaders of Omar’s own caucus condemned her comments. Omar issued an apology, promised to speak more carefully in the future, and reiterated her central point about lobbying. There, done, let’s move on.

Republicans would love to keep Omar front and center so that they don’t have to answer questions about anti-Semitism in their own ranks, or why Steve King has had such a long career in Congress. The media has helped them by spending the last few days asking her at every opportunity about the controversy, despite the fact that virtually the entire Democratic leadership in the House has said the issue is in the past. The constant questioning seems to have gotten to Omar, who snapped at a CNN reporter, on camera, in a congressional hallway on Wednesday.

That was all Outnumbered needed for Thursday’s show, when Harris Faulkner and Kat Timpf pronounced themselves shocked, shocked I tell you, that Omar has not spent the entire week flogging herself in public, on camera, with a wet noodle:

| Faulkner: “So when I see a woman walking down the hall and snapping at a reporter after putting out pretty incendiary things on Twitter, it does beg the question of accountability with her.” […]

Timpf: “The thing she tweeted, she’s alluding to these anti-Semitic tropes and she think that’s gonna be fine? I kind of wonder how she would feel if it was reversed and there was some Republican politician tweeting offensive things about her religion?” |

It’s fascinating to watch them also demand that Omar sit down and explain herself thoroughly, until they are satisfied, as if she owes them any more than the apology she already put out on Monday.

And we don’t need to wonder how she would feel about anti-Muslim bias from Republicans.  Just yesterday she reminded Donald Trump that he has trafficked in such bigotry for years. Seems clear she doesn’t like it:

The Republican Party over the years has embraced and elevated some of the worst anti-Muslim bigotry in society. The women of Outnumbered could figure this out with some simple Google searches, if they cared to do so.

Watch the segment at the top of the post.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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