Fox News Anchor Slams Jeff Bezos: ‘He’s Been Exposed For Being a Dirtbag and Idiot!’

Fox News Anchor Slams Jeff Bezos: ‘He’s Been Exposed For Being a Dirtbag and Idiot!’

Regarding the ongoing battle between Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and supermarket tabloid National Enquirer over Bezos’ accusation that the Enquirer tried to blackmail him, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas seemingly indicated that the richest man in the world deserved what he got because of his past behavior.

Bringing on legal analyst Jonna Spilbor to discuss Bezos’ allegations and Enquirer parent company American Media Inc. denials, Banderas said that there was no way the Enquirer was “going to take this lying down” and that they “had to slap back.” Spilbor, meanwhile, agreed with that notion and added that it was absurd to think the White House was involved (AMI CEO David Pecker and President Trump have infamously been close friends over the years).

“Let’s start by saying I don’t think the White House cares one iota about Jeff Bezos’ junk, for starters,” she said. “Number one. Number two, who’s the bully here?”

After Spilbor blasted Bezos over his Medium blog post detailing his allegations and excusing the Enquirer for just doing what they’ve always done, Banderas noted that the emails Bezos published sure sounded like blackmail to her. Spilbor responded by saying she saw it a “little bit differently” and the Enquirer was just trying to get Bezos to stop defaming them.

The Fox News anchor asked why the Enquirer didn’t just go to the courts and try to stop Bezos legally, adding that they are already in legal hot water and being investigated by New York. Splibor, however, flipped the question, asking why Bezos didn’t do the same thing.

“This may be him trying to cover his rear end because he’s been exposed for being a dirtbag and idiot,” Banderas exclaimed.

“Well put,” the legal analyst applauded. “He is trying to take the focus off his racy texts, his mistress. Why not pick Donald Trump? Half the country hates him anyway? That was a bad tact to take.”

They finished by noting that it’s been reported that the brother of Bezos’ mistress Lauren Sanchez was the one who gave Bezos’ racy texts to the Enquirer, stating that since it seems apparent that Bezos wasn’t hacked in that case, there’s “no sympathy” for him.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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