Laura Ingraham Calls On CEOs To ‘Start Defending This Way Of Life’ And Stem Tide Of Socialism

Laura Ingraham Calls On CEOs To ‘Start Defending This Way Of Life’ And Stem Tide Of Socialism

With young Americans increasingly showing a preference for socialism over capitalism, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham put out a call to wealthy captains of industry, warning them that they need to hit the pavement and make the case for “this way of life” before it was too late.

Discussing the matter with conservative pollster Frank Luntz Tuesday night, The Ingraham Angle host wanted to know what he thought of this “socialism fad,” adding that when people find out that socialism costs them money that is when they’ll say “this green thing isn’t so great” and they aren’t as excited for Medicare-for-All.

Luntz noted that a recent poll he conducted shows that among 18-to-29 year-olds, “58 percent believe socialism is a better economic system than capitalism and only 34 percent chose capitalism.” He lamented that while they may become more conservative over time, “we’ve never had a young generation who is more ideologically un-attuned to what their parents and their grandparents think.”

Ingraham blamed that on radical universities and a media involved with “the spreading of these untruths about the free market.” On top of that, she believes that corporate leaders aren’t being aggressive enough in spreading the gospel of capitalism.

“We have CEOs, Frank, that are running for cover,” she exclaimed. “These CEOs, who have been doing well in the Trump economy, they better get out there, get out from under their desks and start defending this way of life in the country or they will find themselves running for the next plane to the Bahamas or somewhere they can hide their money.”

These comments got an immediate reaction on Twitter:

Anyway, Luntz probably should have told Laura that he’s known the answer for while now when it comes to young folks jumping on the socialism train:

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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