Jill Stein Goes On Tucker Carlson’s Show To Defend Corporate Billionaire’s Run For President

Jill Stein Goes On Tucker Carlson’s Show To Defend Corporate Billionaire’s Run For President

There is nothing Tucker Carlson loves more than bringing on leftists to crap on Democrats — just ask frequent guest Glenn Greenwald — so seeing two-time Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein pop up on his Fox News program Tuesday night actually felt pretty natural. Especially since the far-left Stein holds Democrats and Republicans in equal disdain (and the feeling is mutual when it comes to Dems).

Still, considering that Stein has consistently railed against corporatism, income inequality, money in politics, and centrism in general, it seemed more than a little odd that she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight for the sole purpose of defending former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s possible presidential run as a “centrist independent.” But there she was Tuesday night.

After highlighting the harsh reaction that Schultz has received over his potential campaign — he called it “Democratic hysteria” — and suggesting that those telling Schultz not to run are subverting democracy, Tucker welcomed on Stein while snarkily adding that her 2016 run got her labeled an “agent of Russia.”

(It should be noted that criticizing someone for thinking about running and telling him of the potential consequences of his possible actions isn’t the same as physically and legally stopping him for placing his name on the ballot. But we digress.)

After slamming the Democratic Party as “working for corporate masters and the fossil fuel giants in the big banks, Wall Street, and the war machine” and not being for diversity, Stein said voters needed “noncorporate choices and people power choices.” She then endorsed the idea of ranked choice voting as a way for voters to no longer worry about voting for candidates out of fear of the other candidate.

“We need more choices, and we can have it,” Stein noted. “So let’s not keep that a secret. We should require these elected to actually pass a simple reform, the state of Maine just did. It is available to us right now.”

Carlson said he didn’t really understand the concept of ranked choice voting and felt that most people also didn’t really get the concept. When Stein said she could explain it to him, Carlson brushed off the attempt and instead wanted to know her thoughts on the media cooperating with efforts to shut down independent candidates and “accuse them of being Russian agents if they have a different view.”

The interview ended with Stein and Carlson agreeing that everything needs to be debated in the public sphere and the Green Partier saying she doesn’t plan right now on running in 2020 because “I feel like I’ve done my duty this time around.”

So there you go. Someone from a party that pushes anti-racism and anti-corporatism just went on a program that regularly peddles white nationalist talking points so she could defend a corporate billionaire’s presidential campaign.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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