Jesse Watters: Journalists Are Dumb, Don’t Have Any Money, And ‘Live In Small Apartments’

Jesse Watters: Journalists Are Dumb, Don’t Have Any Money, And ‘Live In Small Apartments’

Remember all that talk from the Conservative Entertainment Complex about the mainstream media being nothing more than out-of-touch, smug, over-educated liberal elites? Well, apparently the opposite is true if you were to ask Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

With Fox News’ The Five railing against the media once again, this time over The Telegraph apologizing and paying damages to First Lady Melania Trump over false statements it made about her, Watters took the opportunity to crap all over journalists and label them poor dummies who live in squalor.

“Journalists are not that bright,” the Fox News host exclaimed. “These people, they didn’t graduate first in their class from Harvard, they live in small apartments in New York and DC, they don’t have a lot of money, they’re boring people at parties.”

As the rest of the panel guffawed over Watters’ rant, the one-time Bill O’Reilly protege continued to smear reporters, saying if “you line them up between bankers and advertising executives and lawyers, they rank dead last on intelligence.”

He concluded, “These people aren’t that intelligent but they act superior, and they hate Donald Trump, and they’re riddled with errors in their stories. And guess what?! All of the errors make Republicans look bad.”

After this site tweeted out a clip of Watters trashing journalists — especially following a number of outlets laying off hundreds of reporters recently — a number of media folks took to Twitter to react. And as you’d imagine, they had a lot to say:

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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