Watch MSNBC’s John Heilemann: The Border Wall Is Trump’s Erogenous Zone

Watch MSNBC’s John Heilemann: The Border Wall Is Trump’s Erogenous Zone

Journalist and political author John Heilemann believes that the border wall is something that gets President Donald Trump excited and helps him to whip up a crowd. Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Heilemann told host Joe Scarborough why he believes Trump is still pushing for the wall.

“There was some good sound on this, Joe, over the last few days as people go back, as we are this morning to some extent, and looking at the foundations of not just the kind of edifice of lies of the Trump administration but this particular big lie that was at the core his campaign,” Heilemann said.

“And Trump was on the record in 2016 basically saying, you know, ‘Whenever one of my rallies seems to be flagging, whenever it seems there’s not enough energy in the room, I’ve discovered that the go-to thing … I just say “Build that wall.”‘ It riles everyone up and it sparks all this energy and enthusiasm in the room.”

“We all know that is the thing – it’s Trump’s erogenous zone, right?” Heilemann said. “He just gets all excited to hear everybody else get all excited and this particular lie has the quality that he craves most, which is that it provides that instant dopamine hit.”

“He became wedded to it because it was so reliable on that front,” Heileman said. “The facts don’t matter to him in those situations and it continues to be the case that he holds it now very close for the same reasons.”

“He said it was the best applause line,” Scarborough added. “What about his own people admitting to the New York Times that actually this was just a memory trick for him in 2014. They came up with the idea of a wall because they knew Donald Trump didn’t like to read or perhaps he doesn’t know how to read, it’s hard to say, but everyone around him says he never reads. So they came up with this trick to say ‘Build that wall’ and that would remind him to talk about illegal immigration.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.